Business BroadcastSteakholder Foods® Receives Patent Allowance for Revolutionary Print Heads for Bioprinting of Edible 3D Structures at High Throughput

Steakholder Foods Ltd. (Nasdaq: STKH), an international deep-tech food company at the forefront of the cultivated meat industry, proudly announces the allowance of a groundbreaking patent for advanced print heads designed to revolutionize 3D bioprinting. This cutting-edge technology represents a significant step forward in the fabrication of edible biostructures.

Bioprinting has emerged as a transformative process for creating intricate biological structures, including edible biostructures that mimic the properties and functionalities of native tissues. Steakholder Foods recognizes the immense potential of bioprinting and has been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of this technology. The newly allowed patent underscores a significant milestone in their relentless pursuit of commercial-scale 3D printing technologies.

Traditionally, bioprinting has been facing challenges in achieving specificity at scale, and efficiency when working with hydrogels containing biological materials. Steakholder Foods’ print heads, developed with meticulous attention to detail, overcome these obstacles and provide a dedicated solution for 3D bioprinting. With these cutting-edge print heads, Steakholder Foods aims to enhance the fabrication of edible biostructures using the company’s drop-on-demand technology within bioprinting systems. This innovative approach allows for the deposition of patterns of cells with exceptional precision.

Dan Kozlovski, CTO of Steakholder Foods: “Steakholder Foods’ dedication to precision and innovation extends beyond print heads. The Company’s continuous research and development efforts, along with its expertise in 3D bio-printing technology, are enabling us to focus on the creation of end products that faithfully mimic the taste, texture, and appearance of traditional meat and seafood. Through these advancements, we expect Steakholder Foods to be well-positioned to serve as a backbone supplier to B2B meat and seafood manufacturers and cultivated meat producers, driving the production of products that meet consumer expectations.”


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