Artificial IntelligenceState Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd Deploys New Generation AI-Powered Bird Protection System at Substations

State Grid Xuzhou Power Supply Company has recently implemented a new generation AI-powered bird protection system at the 220 kV Shendian substation operated by State Grid Xuzhou Power Supply Company Enhanced by AI technology, this system employs non-harmful methods to significantly improve the precision of bird protection, thereby promoting the harmonious development of electrical grid safety and the ecological environment.

Due to recent adverse weather conditions, there has been an increase in electrical facility failures caused by bird activities within substations. To address this, State Grid Xuzhou Power Supply Company introduced this cutting-edge AI bird protection system, which integrates advanced technologies such as image recognition, intelligent analysis, and multidimensional perception. When the system detects birds approaching the substation, it automatically evaluates the risk based on their movement patterns and issues corresponding commands. For birds that enter and exit without lingering, the system continuously tracks their flight trajectories, automatically eliminating the risk once they vacate the equipment area. For birds that enter and remain within the station, the system accurately locates their positions and emits three-dimensional visual signals to safely encourage them to leave the area, thus preventing collisions and electrocution.

Moving forward, State Grid Xuzhou Power Supply Company plans to adapt the AI bird protection system based on the ecological variances of each region. In areas with frequent bird activity, the company will install additional AI bird protection systems at substations and, where appropriate, extend this protection to external transmission equipment. This strategy aims to achieve mutual benefits for both power equipment protection and ecological environment conservation.


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