Artificial IntelligenceSoundr: Next Generation Music Label That Signs Digital Acts For A Virtual ‘Metaverse’ Future

  • With a roster of virtual bands and artists, blockchain label Soundr are developing interactive avatars who will exist exclusively in the metaverse.
  • Emo-pop girl group Skullz launch with an NFT drop revealing their development through concept art, collectables, and the chance to win tickets to their first ‘sound check’ and launch party in the metaverse later this year.
  • In-game wearables, exclusive content and virtual VIP experiences are available as affordable micro-NFTs.

Skullz NFT drop Thursday 8 July | 09:00 AM PDT | 12:00 PM EDT | 17:00 PM BST

Today, Soundr launch the first label to only sign interactive virtual acts who will exist exclusively as avatars in the metaverse.

The first act, Skullz, will be available to ‘collect’ as micro-NFTs including in-game wearables, exclusive content, and virtual VIP experiences: new-generation alternatives to unaffordable concert tickets and merch.

Soundr’s structure as a blockchain, AI and virtual world start-up has created a more democratic music label for Gen-Z, where fans have greater autonomy over the music acts they engage with. Made possible by AI and blockchain technology, Soundr’s pioneering vision is set to disrupt the current model of music labels and fandom.

As young people continue to live more of their social lives online, the demand for digital-only artists and influencers is growing. Soundr was founded to meet that demand, by providing acts that teenagers can engage with across multiple virtual spaces. By harnessing the new possibilities offered by NFTs and immersive experiences, Soundr is breaking traditional barriers to access for music fans, providing continuous opportunities for fan-to-artist and fan-to-fan engagement.

Founders John Black (music manager) and Pete Kirtley (award-winning songwriter) were inspired to create Soundr after witnessing the social and cultural impact that virtual worlds were having on younger generations. Born out of Covid-19, they wanted to find a way for music fans to interact with each other, and most importantly, directly with the artists like how communities have formed around gaming culture.

Pete Kirtley: “We’re witnessing a huge shift towards virtual entertainment right now as youth culture uses gaming, not music, for their social expression and interaction. Music, as an experience, needs to form a deeper connection that’s authentic and in real-time. We’re now seeing the birth of the metaverse: turning the internet into somewhere you can go, touch and explore.

John Black“The virtual acts we’re signing to Soundr will be accessible on multiple levels of engagement and keep fans connected and entertained like never before 24/7. We want to create an artist to fan experience for users to hang out, meet friends, game and be part of a ‘real’ virtual community.”

Soundr have collaborated with blockchain producer EOS Detroit on the eco-friendly WAX blockchain. Passionate about recalibrating the heavy price tag currently placed on NFT’s, Soundr will be offering their collection from $7.


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