Internet of Things (IoT)SNEC 2024 | Shijing Solar showcases advanced N-type TOPCon Solar Cell products at the expo

The 17th International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition (SNEC Expo) began on June 13th at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in ShanghaiShijing Solar unveiled six mainstream N-type TOPCon solar cells, drawing considerable interest with lower degradation, superior temperature coefficients, excellent bifacial rate, and lower LID loss.

This year’s SNEC Expo, the largest in recent years, spans over 400,000 square meters, hosting more than 3,300 exhibitors and 500,000 visitors. Shijing Solar’s 300-square-meter booth, featuring an infinite-loop logo and a spectacular southern-China landscape painting, which highlights the company’s dedication to clean energy.

Shijing Solar’s flagship products include 183.75-16BB, 183.75-10BB, 182.2-16BB, 191.6-16BB, 210R-16BB, and 210*210-18BB, the cell efficiency exceeds 26.5%. Known for its innovative N-type Solar cell technology, Shijing Solar employs state-of-the-art automated production equipment and has a leading R&D team and laboratory. The company aims to build a large-scale, digital, and smart manufacturing base with top-tier product standards. All published N-type high-efficiency TOPCon solar cells feature over 80% on bifacial rate, excellent anti-PID performance, power temperature coefficient as low as -0.30%/K, and lower CTM (Cell to Module) loss. The 182.2*183.75mm cells, as micro-rectangular cells, increase module power and reduce BOS costs, offering higher power generation and investment returns.

On June 14thShijing Solar held the strategic cooperation contract signing and certification ceremony with TÜV Rheinland, launching comprehensive product reliability certification for the N-type TOPCon solar cells, ensuring excellent quality and customer value.

Shijing Solar adopts the mainstream TOPCon technical route and is among the first to use enhanced laser technology, continuously improving product efficiency. Partnering with global leading equipment manufacturers, Shijing Solar always ensures high production quality. The company’s production facilities utilize advanced integrated compatibility for large-scale delivery.

In the future, Shijing Solar will keep enhancing the efficiency of N-type TOPCon solar cell and developing solar cell technologies in areas such as BC, HJT, and perovskite tandem cells to improve product competitiveness.


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