SecuritySensorFu supplies Finnish Defence Forces with a cyber security capability to test and monitor network isolation

SensorFu and the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command have entered into an agreement to bolster the cyber resilience of the Finnish Defence Forces. SensorFu’s Beacon product will be deployed to augment cyber resilience of the Finnish Defence Forces and to proactively detect and prevent cyber security hazards.

SensorFu Beacon is a solution that proactively tests and monitors the isolation of communication networks. SensorFu Beacon is used to protect networks critical to business and operations.

Beacon is deployed to the networks to be protected, where it will continuously assess the isolation. Beacon will alert about any isolation failures it finds so that they can be fixed before they lead to incidents.

Beyond defence and government sectors, SensorFu Beacon is widely used by the industry and critical infrastructure, including energy and water utilities.

The comprehensive agreement covers software licences, device components, lifecycle maintenance, and supporting training and professional services. Its initial span is two years, with an optional three-year extension, totaling 1.56 million euros.


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