Artificial IntelligenceSEMIFIVE Starts Mass Production of its 14nm AI Inference SoC Platform based Product

SEMIFIVE, a leading design solution provider and pioneer of platform-based custom silicon solutions, has announced the mass production of its 14nm AI Inference SoC Platform in collaboration with its lead partner Mobilint, an AI hardware and software solution startup based in South Korea. This marks SEMIFIVE’s third commercialization of its SoC Platform solutions built on Samsung Foundry’s mass production proven FinFET process technologies.

SEMIFIVE developed ARIES by using its proprietary methodology and domain-specific platform architecture, and delivered silicon samples to Mobilint. Mobilint’s ARIES is an 80 TOPS custom AI inference chip and it has been tested with more than 200 open source deep learning models, including state-of-the-art models. It is designed for advanced vision applications, edge servers, and hyperscale data centers.

“We are thrilled with the successful launch of ARIES, our first-generation 14nm high performance AI accelerator chip for Edge and Cloud Computing applications,” said Dongjoo Shin, CEO of Mobilint. “Thanks to SEMIFIVE’s unique SoC Platform technology coupled with their excellent packaging and bring up expertise, we were able to meet key milestones and technical specifications of ARIES, which will be a crucial solution in this era of intensive AI applications like advanced robotics, smart city infrastructure, and personalized healthcare diagnostics.”

SEMIFIVE’s AI Inference SoC Platform offers the ideal approach to realize custom AI chips such as Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) for end applications such as data center accelerators, AI vision processors, big data analytics for image and video recognition. Pre-verified and integrated, SEMIFIVE’s 14nm AI Inference SoC Platform includes a quad-core high performance 64-bit CPU, 8 lanes of PCIe Gen4 and 4-channel LPDDR4 interfaces. To enable end user feature differentiation, the platform allows customer specific IPs such as an AI Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to be added. As part of the complete SoC Platform solution to accelerate final product deployment, SEMIFIVE offers package design and implementation, board support packages as well as software development services.

“SEMIFIVE’s AI SoC Platform integrates the overall architecture of semiconductors, high-speed interfaces, and system software, enabling AI chip builders to solely focus on their proprietary AI technologies,” said Brandon Cho, CEO and Co-founder of SEMIFIVE. “We are proud to have collaborated with Mobilint, contributing to the rapid commercialization of AI semiconductors—a testament to the value of our AI SoC Platform. As a leading DSP within the Samsung Foundry SAFETM Ecosystem, SEMIFIVE is committed to serving as the gateway for various clients, facilitating the production of AI semiconductors in the most efficient manner possible.”

“AI applications represent a significant growth and focus segment for Samsung Foundry’s business. We have prepared a comprehensive lineup of advanced FinFET and Gate-All-Around process technologies, as well as an extensive portfolio of design support and advanced packaging solutions, to help innovators unlock the full potential of our total solution,” said Sanghune Park, Vice President and head of Foundry Design Service team, Samsung Electronics. “Samsung Foundry’s SAFETM DSP ecosystem plays a critical role in delivering custom SoC designs, and we congratulate our Design Solution partner SEMIFIVE on successfully commercializing Mobilint’s ARIES chip based on our 14nm FinFET technology.”


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