Artificial IntelligenceSearchUnify and Thought Industries Team Up to Expand Knowledge Base Access for Customer Learning

SearchUnify, a leading cognitive search and AI apps platform by Grazitti Interactive, and Thought Industries, the leading platform for customer learning management (CLM), today announced an out-of-the-box connector that will bring the power of unified search to customer learning. The connector enables SearchUnify and Thought Industries users to quickly and easily find the learning material they need, whether stored in Thought Industries’ platform or third-party knowledge bases like Zendesk, Salesforce, Slack, and many others.

The integration is especially relevant in an era where customers, partners, and professionals need to continuously learn new skills and new products — and the training typically happens remotely via on-demand or self-service systems. The integration breaks down barriers to make training content and knowledge bases readily available in a unified interface powered by SearchUnify’s cognitive platform and AI tools.

“We see unified search as a powerful way for our customers to provide self-serve answers to important questions across a range of platforms, all in one place,” said Barry Kelly, CEO, Thought Industries. “Any time we can create a more efficient learner experience, we’re all in. And this partnership with SearchUnify represents an important way to do that.”

“The foundation of our cognitive platform is the unified content repository, on which we build the platform and apps that power self-service and content findability,” said Vishal Sharma, CTO, SearchUnify. “With every product update, we keep adding more OOTB connectors for more content sources to expand this unified content repository. Addition of Thought Industries to our list of connectors in a step towards enabling more businesses to empower self-service learning.”


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