Joint VenturesSasken Technologies Collaborates with Qualcomm through IoT Accelerator Program

Sasken Technologies, a global leader in cutting-edge technology solutions, is excited to announce a collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in wireless technologies, through the Qualcomm® IoT Accelerator Program. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the realm of Internet of Things (IoT) innovation and underscores both companies’ commitment to shaping the future of connected devices and services.

“We are excited to collaborate with Qualcomm Technologies and the distinction of being chosen as a member of their IoT Accelerator Program, to reinforce our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in the technology realm. Joining this program with Qualcomm Technologies holds immense promise and opens exciting possibilities for both companies. We are eager to contribute to the growth of the IoT ecosystem,” said Abhijit Kabra, CEO, Sasken Technologies.  “This collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies is a testament to our decades old relationship and shared vision of leveraging IoT to revolutionize industries and enhance people’s lives. By combining Sasken’s deep expertise in IoT solutions with industry-leading innovations from Qualcomm Technologies, we are poised to create transformative solutions that will drive meaningful change across sectors.”

“The Qualcomm IoT Accelerator Program is designed to create a robust ecosystem of connected IoT devices, driven by collaborations that can transform industries, business models, and experiences,” stated Atul Suri, VP, Strategy and Analysis, global head of business development and partnerships, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “This collaboration will leverage Sasken’s extensive experience in IoT product engineering, combined with Qualcomm Technologies’ advanced offerings, to accelerate the creation of robust, security-rich, and efficient IoT solutions.”

Speaking on the occasion, chairman of Sasken Technologies, Rajiv C Mody, stated, “This collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies is a strategic step towards advancing the adoption of IoT across industries. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what IoT can achieve, and this collaboration will enable us to deliver solutions that not only meet the current demands but also anticipate future needs. Together, we will shape the future of connected devices and enable our customers to excel in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

This collaboration aims to address the challenges faced by various industries in their IoT endeavors, such as achieving seamless integration, scalability, and security. By leveraging Sasken’s end-to-end IoT capabilities and Qualcomm Technologies’ industry-leading wireless technologies, the collaboration is poised to empower businesses with innovative solutions that drive efficiency, productivity, and transformative growth.


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