AnalyticsSafeGraph Announces Official Partnership with Tyler Technologies

SafeGraph, a data company that specializes in providing high quality data on places, has announced today an official partnership with Tyler Technologies, the largest provider of integrated software and technology services to the public sector. Through this partnership, SafeGraph will make their points of interest (POIs) and foot traffic data available through the Tyler Recovery Insights solution for municipal and state governments.

SafeGraph’s database consists of over 8 million POIs and provides instant ground-level insight into business, industrial, and leisure locations in the US, UK, and Canada. Additionally, SafeGraph’s data includes the top 7,500+ brands, including attributes such as business category, open hours, visit count, and popular times.

SafeGraph has integrated their Core Places and Patterns data into Tyler Recovery Insights, which empowers public sector leaders with the insights they need to get a complete picture of economic recovery in their communities. The Tyler Recovery Insights solution integrates the most authoritative, leading economic indicator data, such as small business revenue, consumer spending, and foot traffic at business and public POIs to provide real time and preconfigured insights in an intuitive interface. By incorporating SafeGraph data, the solution will help answer key questions around the return to civic life, businesses and neighborhoods receiving the most foot traffic, and business openings and closures.

“We’re very excited about partnering with Tyler Technologies to enhance their Recovery Insights solution to municipal and state governments,” said Jonathan Wolf, VP of Partnerships at SafeGraph. “The combination of Tyler Technologies’ leading software and SafeGraph’s leading location data unlocks the answers to the questions local governments have about how to move forward.”

Oliver Wise, Director of Recovery Solutions at Tyler Technologies, said, “Through the COVID-19 pandemic, SafeGraph proved that their data can be critically important to governments to promote better public health. As the country transitions towards recovery, we are proud to partner with Safegraph to provide state and local government leaders insights from their data so that they strategically lead their communities towards a more equitable future.”


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