NetworkingROKiT Cities Expands Wireless Capabilities Across the Globe

ROKiT Cities, a division of the ROKiT Group, formed to bring wide area mesh networking WiFi XL services to communities across the globe, announced that they are expanding their services to major countries – North AmericaCentral AmericaSouth AmericaAfrica, and Asia. This venture will bring about positive change to the lives of 100s of millions of people who currently have been unable to obtain access to high speed internet.

The ROKiT Group, founded by serial entrepreneurs and philanthropists, John Paul DeJoria and Jonathan Kendrick, have been providing mobile services and WiFi products for more than 17 years. The company’s ambition is that installation of faster and more cost effective WiFi XL across the globe will encourage economic expansion across key areas, helping drive e-commerce thereby reducing countries’ digital divide.

“Even during this pandemic, we’re continuing to expand our footprint and set things in motion because access to the internet is a basic requirement and need for economic and social development. We know that the infrastructure ROKiT is building will be key to helping millions of people across the globe gain access to the benefits that the digital world offers,” said Dean Becker, serial telecommunications entrepreneur and vice chairman of ROKiT Group. “We believe this will help inspire those in the varying countries to create an influx of businesses and opportunities.”

In conjunction with bringing WiFi XL to millions of people living in these countries, ROKiT Group will also introduce its next generation of ROKiT Phones. These smartphones will feature content specifically curated for those under-resourced communities.

ROKiT Cities state-of-the-art carrier grade hardware will allow consumers the bandwidth to make calls, browse the internet, watch multimedia videos and more. The installation of quick and reliable wireless services will encourage economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure across key areas, helping drive e-commerce and close the digital divide.

“It’s our belief that building affordable technology helps advance and improve everyone’s economic prospects, thereby changing everyone’s quality of life,” said Jonathan Kendrick, co-founder of ROKiT Group. “Wireless mesh networks can provide the jumpstart a country needs, and we look forward to being a part of the rapidly expanding digital marketplace.”

The group also plans to roll-out its ROKiT Resort Wireless package through its ROKiT Talk service by end-of-year offering unlimited local and international dialing throughout Asia, and the Caribbean. With this package, millions of tourists who visit these countries each year will benefit greatly from the ability to reach loved ones near and f


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