Artificial IntelligenceRevolutionizing Pet Wellness: Side by Side Pet Blends Ancient Wisdom with A.I. Innovation

Side by Side Pet, a leader in whole-food nutrition, proudly unveils its latest innovation: the AI Balance Indicator. Rooted in the time-tested practice of Eastern Food Therapy (EFT), this cutting-edge technology provides pet parents with nutritional guidance tailored to their pet’s needs. In collaboration with experts in veterinary medicine, nutrition, data science, and Eastern holistic practices, Side by Side Pet has developed the Balance Indicator. This AI software analyzes a dog’s unique constitution and metabolic function by evaluating an image of their tongue.

The body’s only visible inner muscle, the tongue, has been a critical diagnostic tool in assessing health for over 5,000 years. All foods in EFT are known to have inherent energetic properties (Warming, Cooling, or Neutral) and can affect how the internal systems function and impact the body’s natural equilibrium. When the body is off balance, many common problems can occur, including digestion, immunity, muscles & joints, and even temperament. The nature of these internal imbalances can be identified through the tongue.

Pet parents simply upload a photo of their pup smiling, playing, or any image that shows their tongue to the Balance Indicator. The patented AI software analyzes the tongue’s hue, tint, tone, and shade to determine whether the dog is balanced (neutral) or imbalanced (warm or cool). Based on its assessment, the Balance Indicator provides personalized diet recommendations to counterbalance or maintain a healthy equilibrium. Combining the wisdom of EFT with the power of AI, Side by Side Pet empowers pet parents to confidently promote wellness with nutritious whole-food diets crafted to fit their pet’s unique physiology.

“We’re thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking solution to pet parents worldwide,” said Carol Bramson, CEO at Side by Side Pet. “Our AI-powered Balance Indicator combines the best of Eastern and Western approaches to nutrition, providing dogs with all-natural, whole-food diet recommendations, synthetic-free diets that are delicious and tailored to their needs. My mission is to share the immeasurable benefits of whole-food nutrition with pets and their people to help our four-legged family members live longer, happier, and healthier lives together with us, side by side.”

Benefits of Eastern Food Therapy:

  • Balance & Harmony: EFT emphasizes achieving balance and harmony within the body. By categorizing foods based on their energetic properties (Warming, Cooling, Neutral) and their effects on the body, EFT aims to maintain equilibrium (Internal Balance) for the overall wellness of our pets.
  • Personalized: Side by Side uses EFT to craft recipes based on individual constitutions. Our diet and treatment options are tailored to address specific needs and imbalances that support good health.
  • Proactive CareBy understanding the energetic properties of different foods and their effects on the body, Side by Side allows pet parents to select foods that can restore inner balance and support their dog’s lifelong wellness.


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