Blockchain TechnologyReltime nominated as the Best Global AI and Web3 Startup in 2024

Reltime, a pioneering technology company at the forefront of Layer-1 Blockchain, Web3 and Artificial Intelligence (AI), is thrilled by its nomination as the Best Web3 and AI Startup globally in 2024. This recognition, awarded by the esteemed Global Startup Awards, is a testament to Reltime’s unwavering commitment to driving transformative change in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Since its inception, Reltime has been a trailblazer in Blockchain space, seamlessly bringing its Proof of Authority blockchain platform, decentralized applications, and cutting-edge AI solutions to deliver unparalleled value to its clients. The company’s innovative approach has set new industry standards, making significant strides in enhancing security, transparency, and efficiency across various sectors.

“We are incredibly honoured to be recognized as the leading Web3 and AI firm globally. The nomination reflects the hard work and dedication of our team, who continuously push the boundaries in the digital world. We remain committed to pioneering the advancements that drive sustainable growth and innovation, said Marlene Julo CEO & Co-Founder of Reltime.

The Global Startup Awards, a prestigious accolade that celebrates outstanding achievements in the startup ecosystem, evaluated numerous companies worldwide based on their innovation, impact, growth, and potential. Reltime’s nomination highlights its significant contributions to the fields of AI and Web3, positioning it as a global leader in these transformative technologies.

Reltime’s groundbreaking projects have not only revolutionized the way businesses operate but also paved the way for new opportunities in various industries, including finance, healthcare, and supply chain management. By leveraging the power of AI and blockchain, Reltime has created solutions that enhance operational efficiency, data security, and customer experiences.

As Reltime continues to innovate and expand its reach, the company remains dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence and collaboration. With this global recognition, Reltime is poised to further its mission of transforming industries and shaping the future of digital technology.


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