Blockchain TechnologyRaiinmaker to make a splash on Yield App Angel Launchpad

Raiinmaker, a Web3 and AI Technology company that has developed the Raiinmaker AI Super App and Raiinmaker Network is revolutionizing the monetization of users’ contributions to AI infrastructure. Today, Yield App proudly announced that an exclusive $200,000 allocation of Raiinmaker’s native token, $COIIN, will be the second-ever offering on its Angel Launchpad!

Established in 2018, Raiinmaker is on a mission to empower anyone with a smartphone anywhere in the world, to earn cryptocurrency through training AI models and running an independent validator node. By leveraging groundbreaking Web3 and AI technology, Raiinmaker provides a decentralized platform for AI developers and validators to collaborate securely and exchange AI models.

Validators on Raiinmaker earn rewards for their contributions, fostering a culture of active engagement and top-tier performance. The platform operates on a transparent governance framework, allowing community members to play a pivotal role in decision-making processes.

Raiinmaker’s token and platform are designed with interoperability in mind, ensuring seamless integration with major blockchain networks. The Raiinmaker Network Protocol harnesses decentralized AI and scalable Web3 infrastructure to redefine the value associated with identity, data, and behavior. Built on this network, Raiinmaker’s Super App is set to transform how users monetize their contributions to AI infrastructure via the platform’s native token, $COIIN.

Raiinmaker’s team is composed of industry veterans from corporate giants such as Disney, Oracle and Boeing. With a wealth of experience and a shared passion for innovation, this team is driving Raiinmaker’s mission to revolutionize the digital landscape.

“We’re excited to be the second project with our native token, $COIIN, as an offering on the Yield App Angel Launchpad and we share the same vision of providing investment opportunities for crypto enthusiasts,” said J.D. Seraphine, Founder and CEO of Raiinmaker.

Raiinmaker’s $COIIN token will be offered on the Yield App Angel Launchpad on 9 May 2024. To prepare for launch day, Yield App users can ensure they have a positive USDT balance in their Yield App wallet. This will be used for token allocation during the pledge period.

Before making their pledge, Yield App users must also have Gold tier, Diamond tier, or Angel status. This can be achieved by staking YLD on the Yield App platform. For more details on YLD and the loyalty program, visit the YLD page on Yield App’s website.

With Angel status, users enjoy exclusive benefits such as guaranteed minimum allocation on each Launchpad launch and no maximum pledge cap. Plus, Angel status includes all the benefits of Diamond tier, including top rates on all products. Users can now unlock unlimited access to Angel Launchpad by buying Lifetime Angel status with a one-time fee of 50,000 YLD or by staking 100,000 YLD.

During the pledge period, participants will need to submit a Base Protocol (BASE) address to receive their token allocation, paving the way for a seamless user experience.

“We are thrilled to welcome Raiinmaker and their innovative $COIIN token to the Yield App Angel Launchpad,” said Tim Frost, CEO of Yield App. “Our second Launchpad offering aligns with our vision of empowering users in the digital asset space, and opens up an exciting opportunity for our users with Gold tier, Diamond tier, or Angel status.”


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