SecurityQuintessenceLabs and Carahsoft Partner to Bring High-Performance Cybersecurity Solutions to Government Agencies

QuintessenceLabs, an industry leader in quantum cybersecurity, and Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, today announced a partnership. Under the agreement, Carahsoft will serve as QuintessenceLabs’ Public Sector distributor, enabling the Public Sector to build a quantum-resilient security posture to address the risk of both conventional and quantum computing attacks on sensitive data. QuintessenceLabs solutions are available to the Public Sector through Carahsoft’s reseller partners and NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) V, Information Technology Enterprise Solutions – Software 2 (ITES-SW2), National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) ValuePoint, OMNIA Partners and The Quilt contracts.

QuintessenceLabs helps Government agencies build high-performance, crypto-agile cybersecurity infrastructure on-premises, in the cloud and in hybrid IT environments. This infrastructure protects high-value and critical systems from the emerging threat of quantum adversaries. The company’s suite of solutions provides quantum-resilient technical measures across key areas that are considered mission-critical to a strong cyber defense, including quantum random number generation (QRNG), encryption key and policy management (KMS) and quantum key distribution (QKD).

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Carahsoft and expand our commitment to providing quantum-safe solutions and services that keep data and systems safe from attacks,” said Vikram Sharma, Founder and CEO of QuintessenceLabs. “Threat actors – particularly nation states – are stealing data with intentions of decrypting it later. These ‘harvest now, decrypt later (HNDL)’ attacks jeopardize encrypted data and are a serious threat today. This partnership with Carahsoft represents a proactive approach to ensuring Government agencies are equipped to withstand this evolving threat and to fortify their defenses for the challenges of tomorrow.”

“Carahsoft is thrilled to partner with QuintessenceLabs to ensure Government agencies can access and leverage sophisticated post-quantum encryption solutions,” said Troy Meraw, Program Executive for Quantum Solutions at Carahsoft. “With the addition of QuintessenceLabs to our portfolio, our team and reseller partners are now able to support the Public Sector in achieving a resilient, quantum-safe cybersecurity posture in a complex cyber threat environment.”

QuintessenceLabs’ software, hardware and services are available through Carahsoft’s SEWP V contracts NNG15SC03B and NNG15SC27B, ITES-SW2 Contract W52P1J-20-D-0042, NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement #AR2472, OMNIA Partners Contract #R191902 and The Quilt Master Service Agreement Number MSA05012019-F. For more information, contact the Carahsoft team at (844) 214-4790 or email; or view this on-demand webinar, “Understanding the Quantum Cybersecurity Risk,” co-hosted by QuintessenceLabs. To learn more, download QuintessenceLabs’ eBook, Guide to Understanding Your Quantum Risk.


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