Internet of Things (IoT)Queclink Unveils WR210LG: A Game-Changer in Industrial Connectivity

Queclink, a world-leading IoT device and solution provider, proudly announces the launch of the WR210LG Dual-SIM LTE CPE. Designed to meet the demanding needs of the industrial sector, this high-performance device sets new standards with its extended functionality tailored for a wide range of industrial applications.

The WR210LG, encased in a durable metal shell and equipped with industrial-grade components, operates reliably from -30°C to 75°C. It is designed with a versatile DIN rail mounting groove on the back, accommodating a wide range of latches and rails, including the standard DIN 35mm rail. With an alternative bracket mount option, the solution greatly simplifies the installation process, offering unmatched flexibility for setting up the device.

At the core of the WR210LG’s performance is its dual-SIM design, powered by 4G LTE Cat 4 technology. This ensures uninterrupted network coverage, providing fast data rates at all times. With backward compatibility with 2G and 3G networks, the device guarantees extensive connectivity across various countries and regions.

Further enhancing its adaptability, the WR210LG features RS232 and RS485 serial ports and multiple I/O interfaces. It supports protocols such as SNMP and Modbus, facilitating remote control and seamless integration with various industrial systems. This versatility enables smooth communication between critical devices such as robots, sensors, and PLCs, bolstering overall connectivity for industrial automation.

Security is a paramount concern in the IoT landscape, and Queclink addresses this with comprehensive network security features added to the device, including a firewall and data encryption, and support for multiple VPN protocols like PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, IPsec, and GRE. This multi-layered security approach protects data transmission and allows for secure remote network management.

The WR210LG applies optical isolation technology in the RS485 interface, which significantly enhances the system’s resistance to electromagnetic interference and surge impacts, ensuring stable and reliable data transmission across industrial automation systems.

Moreover, the CPE solution provides intelligent power management, automatically powering on or off in response to the operational state of connected machinery. Detected through the ACC input, the device not only simplifies operations but also enhances device safety and operational efficiency, especially in vehicle-mounted applications where it can help prevent battery drainage and ensure uninterrupted business operations.

With the launch of the WR210LG, Queclink reaffirms its commitment to advancing industrial connectivity solutions, offering unmatched reliability, security, and flexibility to meet the evolving needs of modern industries.


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