Press ReleaseProdapt Launches OpenFibreXchange to Accelerate Pan-UK Digital Connectivity

Prodapt, a leading global consulting, technology, and managed services provider to the connectedness industry, today announced the launch of its OpenFibreXchange (OFX) that will enable Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to rapidly connect with the regional fibre operators to boost high-speed digital connectivity across the UK.

With a singular focus on the Connectedness industry, Prodapt’s OpenFibreXchange, built on cloud-native, open-source technology, will enable wholesale fibre aggregation in the UK to accelerate digital Connectedness. ISPs can seamlessly connect with regional fibre operators via OFX to deliver pan-UK digital connectivity.

Prodapt is committed to accelerating the digitisation of Britain and connecting hard-to-reach communities. The investment in OFX resulted from open discussions with delegates from retail & wholesale fibre AltNets, incumbent operators, and PE firms during Prodapt’s monthly Fibre CXO breakfast roundtables in London. OFX will enable the market model for any ISP to engage any fibre operator to deliver digital services across any region in the UK.

“OpenFibreXchange will accelerate the time-to-market for ISPs to offer high-speed digital services across the country. The ISPs will be able to unlock the full potential of full-fibre in 80% reduced cycle time via OFX, which will bridge the gap between disparate process and tech stacks of regional fibre operators” – Mukul Gupta, EVP & Head Fibre.

Many industry leaders have expressed their excitement and support for Prodapt’s OpenFibreXchange.

“High-speed full fibre access is indispensable for the digital economy, and OpenFibreXchange can help accelerate the collaboration between ISPs & fibre operators at a national level in the UK” – Charlie Ruddy, CEO, Digital Infrastructure.

“OpenFibreXchange is a great initiative for ISPs & regionally focussed fibre AltNets to collaborate seamlessly & accelerate the digitisation of Britain” – Christos Voudouris, CTIO, Neos Networks.

“Fibre is the foundation for the future of connected digital homes & enterprises in Britain, and OpenFibreXchange can accelerate the consumption of regional fibre access capacity by the ISPs”– James Warner, CSO, FullFibre.

“OpenFibreXchange will be a great initiative in the Netherlands to accelerate the digital connections for communities, homes & enterprises at the national level” – Anja Raijmakers, DeltaFiber.

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