AnalyticsPri Mar Petroleum Selects iRely for Its New ERP System

iRely, LLC, an innovative partner providing enterprise software for petroleum distributors and convenience stores, announces Pri Mar Petroleum has selected iRely as its partner of choice for its comprehensive front and back office solution.

Pri Mar manages multiple lines of business in Michigan, including home heating fuel and oil deliveries, farm and industrial fuel and lubricants, and 13 company-operated convenience stores. Pri Mar is now using several of iRely’s Financial and Petroleum solutions today and plans to add more modules in the near future.

Pri Mar underwent an extensive Business Process Review (BPR), discussing goals, evaluating workflows, and documenting critical day-to-day processes to identify the right solution for their organization. Working with iRely, Pri Mar identified improvement opportunities and compared them to industry best practices to design the ideal software and implementation program.

“The BPR process really kept us on task and enabled us to adapt the software to better meet our specific needs,” said Sue Woodrick, VP of Finance for Pri Mar. “Among other improvements, we can post and un-post transactions, saving time and making data entry easy. iRely’s platform is so adaptable and user-friendly that we can make smarter business decisions and increase profits.”

“We are thrilled that Pri Mar chose iRely over other ERP software options” stated George Olney, President of iRely. “They are the type of multi-line customer who can best utilize our contemporary, integrated solution that is flexible enough to evolve as their business continues to grow. The Financials package provides comprehensive reporting options for data-driven decisions while the Petroleum module will enable them to streamline fuel deliveries, tax form integration and much, much more.”

Pri Mar is one of several petroleum and C-store organizations recently added to the growing iRely customer base.


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