Artificial IntelligencePioneering the Next Frontier: ArisGlobal Unveils Cutting-Edge Safety & Regulatory Product Offerings Powered by Generative AI

ArisGlobal, an innovative life sciences technology company and creator of LifeSphere®, today announced three cutting-edge product offerings that will transform pharmacovigilance and regulatory operations. At Breakthrough2024, its annual industry event, the company unveiled Advanced Intake powered by LifeSphere NavaX; an unprecedented Real-World Data subscription in partnership with OMNY Health; and its groundbreaking next-generation LifeSphere Regulatory platform.

Advanced Intake 
ArisGlobal introduced Advanced Intake, powered by LifeSphere NavaX and leveraging Generative AI to revolutionize adverse event intake and overcome recognized pain points. With this offering, ArisGlobal has become the first life sciences R&D technology company to announce innovative offerings with Generative AI. Unprecedented seamless integration capabilities, meanwhile, make it possible to aggregate disparate data sources into a unified platform, fostering a holistic understanding of safety profiles.

Advanced Intake can be implemented within 6-8 months without any dependencies on the number, nature, or format of the incoming adverse event intake forms, with >90% Data Extraction Accuracy Quality and >65% overall Intake Efficiency.

Real-World Data Subscription – On Demand via LifeSphere
ArisGlobal also announced the availability of a Real-World Data (RWD) data subscription within its LifeSphere Safety platform, via a strategic partnership with OMNY Health. This will transform safety signal validation and pave the way for comprehensive, proactive signal detection. Up to 95% of adverse event cases go unreported today, while ICSRs can take a long time to process, and analysis of medical literature and online forums is slow and inefficient. Combining LifeSphere products with comprehensive real-time RWD will cut through those challenges.

ArisGlobal will provide access to OMNY Health’s electronic health records data – which is curated from health systems across the US and is one of the most robust patient longitudinal patient journey data available.

Next-Generation LifeSphere Regulatory Platform
ArisGlobal also launched the latest innovations for its LifeSphere Regulatory platform – the most intelligent, connected, and comprehensive platform available to the regulatory community. The next-generation LifeSphere Regulatory platform offers intelligent automation across powerful AI and deep learning use cases for regulatory processes, harnessing Generative AI. Seamlessly interoperable with ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere Safety solutions, LifeSphere Regulatory includes powerful capabilities gained as a result of ArisGlobal’s acquisitions of Amplexor and SPORIFY in 2023.

Commenting on the announcements, Aman Wasan, CEO of ArisGlobal, said: “Bringing cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI to life as part of the LifeSphere R&D ecosystem is a strategic objective for ArisGlobal. Digital process transformation is vital for companies bringing ambitious, novel treatments and therapies to market efficiently. We’re harnessing advanced technology, hand in hand with insights from comprehensive Real-World Data, to transform drug discovery and development. Today’s announcements mark the latest moves toward this goal, and we are just getting started.”

Breakthrough2024 is taking place March 19-20 at the Leonardo Royal Hotel St Paul’s in London, UK.


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