Data CenterPerforce Launches Virtual Event on the Future of Intelligent and Data-Driven DevOps

Perforce Software, a provider of solutions to enterprise teams requiring productivity, visibility, and scale along the development lifecycle, today announced the launch of DevOps Next, a virtual conference by and for DevOps industry experts. The half-day of sessions will examine AI and ML’s impact on DevOps productivity, coding, testing, and more.

“DevOps has matured significantly. But, we’ve reached a point where traditional tools often fall short when it comes to large amounts of data,” says Perfecto Chief Evangelist and Product Manager Eran Kinsbruner.

“AI and ML offer a wide range of abilities throughout the entire software development lifecycle. DevOps Next will explore how these technologies can enable us to make more data-driven decisions, automate more processes, and deliver higher quality software faster.”

DevOps Next is an entirely virtual and free event that will take place on Wednesday, September 30. The event is ideal for practitioners, execs, management, as well as other industry professionals that work within the testing and dev space. Attendees can select from sessions across three tracks, connect with presenters through live chats, and participate in important discussions with peers.

Keynotes and sessions will cover topics including:

  • Robotic process automation (RPA).
  • AI and ML testing tools.
  • Automated code reviews.
  • AIOps and software quality.
  • Cognitive engineering.
  • AI and ML in test management systems.
  • Fuzzing and ML.
  • And more.

The virtual event coincides with the release of Kinsbruner’s highly-anticipated third book, “Accelerating Software Quality: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in the Age of DevOps.” The book, spearheaded by Perforce, was written collaboratively by 20 DevOps industry experts and positions readers to make informed, strategic decisions as they adopt AI/ML technologies as part of their DevOps journey.


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