Artificial IntelligenceOneflow announces a significant expansion of its strategy with a new AI-powered platform

Oneflow (Stockholm: ONEF) launches Oneflow AI, an AI-powered platform to help businesses write, review and analyze contracts 10x faster and at scale.

“The future of contracts is not just digital—it’s augmented by AI,” says Anders Hamnes, CEO and Founder of Oneflow as the company introduces Oneflow AI, a platform of pre-trained AI packages to help businesses write, review and analyze contracts 10x faster and at scale.

Oneflow, a SaaS company trading on Stockholm’s Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market, builds a contract automation platform to help businesses transform the legacy way of working with contracts.

“Since the very first code we wrote in Oneflow, our purpose was and still is to free businesses from frictions in managing their core business documents—that is contracts,” according to Anders. “The market is dominated by incumbent e-signing providers, which makes signing contracts easy, but signing is only one of the many steps in the contract journey.”

Oneflow offers a feature-rich interactive platform to improve every step of the contract process, from pre-sign, sign to post-sign. Creating contracts in data-rich formats provides a strong foundation for fully automated workflows.

Oneflow AI reveals insights and timesavers in contract work

Oneflow AI not only helps businesses to eliminate expensive routine contract work, but also minimizes risk of oversight and reveals actionable intelligence at the speed where humans simply aren’t able to compete. Contracts are at the heart of any business and the slower the contracts, the slower the business.

Oneflow sets the pace for the future of contracts

“Our path to achieving our mission is now accelerated by AI. Oneflow AI will be a game-changer for customers who are serious about setting high standards in their workflows. Getting contracts across the finish line accurately and efficiently is fundamental to the business operations.”

According to Oneflow’s research on “The State of AI in Contract Management“, 35% of the business professionals surveyed reported that they are using AI in contract management today and 23% planned to leverage AI. The time to start using AI in contract management is now.


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