NetworkingSecurityNew SUSE Liberty Linux Lite Offering Provides Secure, Stable, and Future-Proof Solution for Centos 7 Users Bracing for End Of Life

SUSE®, a global leader in innovative, open and secure enterprise-grade solutions today announced a new SUSE Liberty Linux offering to help protect CentOS systems from future vulnerabilities. SUSE Liberty Linux Lite for CentOS 7 is a frictionless solution that provides customers with updates and security patches for their existing CentOS system, with no migration whatsoever. This gives customers the security and certainty of uninterrupted, SUSE enterprise Linux support, without the hassle and disruption of switching OS on-premises or in the cloud.

“Open source technologies are the cornerstone of innovation for enterprises, fostering collaboration, agility, and cost-effectiveness,” said Rick Spencer, GM of Business Critical Linux, SUSE. “Ensuring CentOS 7 users have a secure, enterprise ready, future-proof Linux solution is important to SUSE, and we are delighted to be in a position to support CentOS 7 users as they face this uncertain and risky situation.”

As the CentOS 7 end of support deadline, June 30, 2024,  approaches, there are still huge amounts of CentOS servers and instances online, leaving enterprises in challenging and potentially costly positions. In recent years, CentOS, like other operating systems, has been affected by security vulnerabilities. Without regular security patches, organizations running their mission critical workloads on CentOS 7 are left with major security exposures. SUSE has consistently championed long-term, enterprise-grade support for CentOS with the introduction of SUSE Liberty Linux and the founding of OpenELA.

With SUSE Liberty Linux Lite for CentOS 7, organizations can continue running their existing CentOS 7 operating system environments with zero disruption, zero migrations and zero upgrades. With SUSE, there is no time-consuming migration path.  All customers need to do to receive updates and patches is simply change the pointer of CentOS to a SUSE Liberty Linux repository.  No other changes are required.

Since its inception, SUSE Liberty Linux has been a popular choice for customers needing secure and flexible Linux management without the need to migrate.  SUSE Liberty Linux customers include global enterprises across a variety of industries including financial services, telecommunications and automotive. Eduardo Luis Piccoli, IT Infrastructure Analyst at WEG, a global electro-electronic equipment company based in Brazil, says, “SUSE Liberty Linux gives us the ability to support several other Linux distros in only one solution.”

To make it easier for CentOS 7 customers to future-proof their Linux estates, the new SUSE Liberty Linux Lite for CentOS 7 is offering a simple and easy online access at the SUSE Shop and on. The new SUSE Liberty Linux Lite for CentOS 7 offering starts at USD 25 per server/instance per year, with a minimum investment of USD 2500. This offer applies until October 31, 2024.


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