Artificial IntelligenceNAVEE to Unveil NAVEE Captain AI Module at MicroMobility Europe 2024

NAVEE, a pioneer in micro-mobility solutions, is proud to announce the debut of the NAVEE Captain AI module at MicroMobility Europe 2024 (MME) in Amsterdam, the world’s largest conference for small vehicles, set to take place between June 5 and 6. This groundbreaking innovation marks a significant leap forward in urban mobility, offering a suite of cutting-edge features designed to enhance rider safety and operational efficiency.

MicroMobility Europe 2024 provides an ideal platform for NAVEE to showcase its vision for smarter urban mobility. At the expo, attendees will witness the unveiling of the NAVEE Captain AI module, alongside the innovative D-series scooters and three uniquely designed e-bikes, each tailored to meet diverse performance needs.


Intelligent Detections:

Advanced sensors enable real-time detection of parking areas, pedestrians, and sidewalks, empowering riders with heightened situational awareness.

Dash Camera:

Equipped with a dash camera, the module records and captures unusual conditions during rides, providing valuable insights and evidence for incident documentation.

Modular Design:

The NAVEE Captain boasts a modular design, facilitating seamless integration with D-series scooters. This versatility ensures easy installation and adaptability to various operational scenarios.


Designed to seamlessly integrate with D-series scooters, the NAVEE Captain AI module ensures a hassle-free user experience without compatibility concerns.

For shared fleet operators, NAVEE’s modular design offers outstanding flexibility and cost-efficiency. Each component, from turning indicators to display and wireless charging, can be easily swapped and adjusted to meet specific operational needs, reducing maintenance costs and optimizing fleet performance.

NAVEE is committed to shaping the future of urban mobility by delivering innovative solutions that prioritize safety, efficiency, and sustainability, With the introduction of the NAVEE Captain AI module, they are revolutionizing the micromobility landscape, empowering riders and operators alike with advanced technology and unparalleled convenience.


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