Artificial IntelligenceMoviebook Ranks in Top 5 on “Top 100 Chinese AI Companies with Most Commercialization Potential” List

Moviebook, a leading AI-powered intelligent video production infrastructure and service provider with an estimated annual revenue of over CNY 3 billion, has ranked number five on the “Top 100 Chinese AI Companies with Most Commercialization Potential” list which was recently released at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2021 (WAIC 2021) by EqualOcean, a content platform for technological and industrial innovation.

During WAIC 2021 in Shanghai, the 2021 Market Research Report on Chinese AI Companies’ Commercialization was also unveiled. According to the Report, 2021 will be a phase of survival of the fittest for Chinese AI companies after recent investment, financing and startup booms. Standardized and replicable products and services are key to comprehensive and in-depth commercialization of AI companies because they enable AI players to monetize within a short period of time and proceed to become industrial winners.

In an era where video is prevailing, traditional media can no longer meet market demands for content creation and presentation. To satisfy market needs, Moviebook leverages self-developed intelligent video production technologies to provide intelligent media platform services that cover content creation and distribution based on metadata. For culture and media enterprises, the Company offers solutions spanning from intelligent mass video production to video asset management and analysis, intelligent video operation, and intelligent video commercialization.

Regarding the education industry, uneven distribution of educational resources, boring classes and the difficulty of measuring learning outcomes have long been major concerns. Building on technologies such as AI-powered video production, computer vision and big data analysis, Moviebook has developed virtual teachers, visualized knowledge maps and VR/AR-assisted classrooms to promote the visualization and digitalization of education. The Company’s solutions are targeted at various aspects of education, including teaching, management and academic research, making it easier to evaluate, share and track teaching performance and deliver a consistent quality learning experience.

Fully understanding industries, identifying proper scenarios and achieving application scalability are all fundamental to any AI company’s commercialization. It’s not easy, however, to identify commercially and technologically feasible, as well as scalable use cases. It has taken many outstanding AI companies significant time and energy to pinpoint viable scenarios. As the focus of the Chinese AI market shifts from quantitative growth to qualitative development and innovation, AI’s application in certain fields and scenarios will delve deeper to further unleash commercial value. In the post-pandemic era, AI’s adoption by culture, education, media, and new retail industries is accelerating and Moviebook has been contributing with a series of solutions empowering clients to upgrade and modernize these four industries.


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