Artificial IntelligenceMoviebook Establishes Strategic Cooperation with Haier Zhihu to Accelerate Integration Between Digital Economy and Real Economy

Moviebook, a leading AI-powered intelligent video production infrastructure and service provider, has recently reached strategic cooperation with HaierZhihu to jointly develop a smart home ecosystem based on Moviebook’s Automatic Digital Twin (ADT) platform.

The strategic cooperation allows Moviebook and Haier Zhihu to build on AI and digital twin technologies to conduct close and in-depth cooperation throughout all links of the industry, from intelligent manufacturing and research & development to digital management and interactive consumer experience, which will digitally bridge smart home appliances and consumers. This ecosystem will expedite the upgrading of the home appliances industry from hardware manufacturing into an integrated user service platform and an intelligent manufacturing service platform, thereby accelerating the integration between the digital economy and the real economy.

As the global manufacturing industry is being swept up by a new wave of digital transformation, the application of emerging information technologies such as AI, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) in traditional manufacturing sectors is accelerating. According to China’s 2021 Government Work Report, the development of the real economy will continue to be prioritized, the industrial base will be upgraded, industrial chains will be modernized, the share of manufacturing in the economy will remain more or less stable, and traditional industries will be transformed and upgraded. Moreover, digitalization will be sped up to create new strengths for the digital economy. In short, the digital industry will be developed and traditional industries will be transformed with digital technologies in a coordinated manner.

As a high-end home appliances company under the Haier Group, Haier Zhihu is dedicated to becoming a reliable partner for global users by bolstering research & development and innovation in the field of home appliances by leveraging technologies such as IoT, AI and big data. As a leading AI company, Moviebook is committed to extensively applying intelligent video production technologies to industrial clusters to facilitate the digital transformation of industries. The two players will strategically collaborate on multiple aspects including the intelligent digital transformation of products and scenarios in the home appliances sector by adopting the latest technological innovations, ultimately creating a user-centered smart home ecosystem.

Currently, the manufacturing industry is entering a new era of development driven by the boom of emerging technologies such as AI, cloud computing and deep learning. In the meantime, the digital economy, as one of China’s new drivers of growth, is driving the intelligent digital transformation of traditional industries. The strategic cooperation between Moviebook and Haier Zhihu is not only conducive to comprehensively improving both sides’ operational efficiency but is also highly relevant to the development of the digital economy. As cooperation between the two players continues to deepen, it is likely to further advance the intelligent digital transformation of the home appliances industry, making it the epitome of China’s smart manufacturing transformation.


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