CloudMomax Announces Launch of Zense: Intelligent Ambient Lighting that Calms & Relaxes

Leading IOT experts Momax just announced the launch of Zense Smart ambiance Lamp, a bedside must-have with music, charging, ambient lighting & gentle alarm. Zense creates the perfect mood in any room using a full spectrum of soothing colors and relaxing music for sleeping, studying, meditation or rest. Zense is available now, learn more here:

Designed to be the ultimate tool for relaxation, the Zense Smart Ambient Lamp creates the perfect mood in any room. Zense is equipped with RGB lighting that can be programmed with multiple lighting effects, differing brightness, and nearly infinite color combinations. It can sync with music, play relaxing sounds for better sleep, and provides a gentle wake up alarm. It’s designed as the ultimate bedside lamp that calms and relaxes.

“Ambient lighting is the perfect way to add style and set the mood for any room and it’s better to wake up with than a typical harsh bedside lamp. Zense is an intelligent lamp that does more. Its soft light and nearly infinite customizable colors create calm and soothing effects that can be combined with relaxing music for sleep, study, meditation or to gently wake up daily. Along with wireless device charging and a display for time and weather, it makes the perfect bedside smart device for daily use. It’s an incredible tool for relaxation that beautifully sets the mood and soothes the soul day and night.” John Cheng – CEO of Momax

In addition to programmable ambient lighting, Zense has a large display that shows essential information such as time and weather, along with a handy 15W QI wireless charging pad for mobile devices built-in so smartphones are always ready for the day ahead. It also features a 5W USB-C output and can be connected to a power bank for outdoor use. Its on-board Bluetooth speaker provides high quality audio for playlists, podcasts, and books on tape for easy access.

As an intelligent home device, Zense makes a great addition to any smart home. It seamlessly connects to Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Tmall Genie and using the app, voice commands can be used to control alarms, set modes, or switch between preset ambient lights, or get information from smart assistants.

Zense is an advanced smart home device that provides soothing calm and convenience to any home. It is available now with special discounts and deals for early adopters. Learn more at:


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