SecurityMilton Security Releases Map 2.0 to Detect and Mitigate Ransomware Attacks

Milton Security, a global leader in Cybersecurity who offers true Extended Detection & Response (XDR) and Managed Detection & Response (MDR) today announced the release of the Milton Argos Platform 2.0 (MAP).

MAP uses the best of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and human expertise. “We have grown to call this ‘AI Assisted Threat Hunting’,” said James McMurry, CEO and Founder of Milton Security.  “This truly hybrid approach with Milton’s cutting edge AI & ML technology supporting our operations, allows our Threat Hunters to be the best at what they are uniquely qualified for: detect, deter and mitigate threats in real time,” said McMurry.

“In response to the growing security skills gap and attacker trends, extended detection and response (XDR) tools, machine learning (ML), and automation capability are emerging to improve security operations productivity and detection accuracy.” – Gartner

“As MAP is capable of analyzing millions of events per second, coupled with ‘AI Assisted Threat Hunting’, we are able to uncover even the most subtle of IoC’s, leveraging intelligence from a wide variety of sources,” said Ethan Coulter, President of Milton Security. “MAP allows us to serve our customers in any vertical efficiently and effectively.”

“Ingesting and analyzing over 250 billion events per month, MAP has proven its ability to scale. As an example, in November we were able to stop thousands of attacks, including ransomware attacks against critical infrastructure,” said McMurry. “Every day, we hear of large attacks against schools, city governments, and critical infrastructure. These types of ransomware attacks, if not detected and mitigated in the initial phases, can literally wipe out a complete network. Our team using MAP can mitigate, and reduce the Time To Detect.”

The benefits of using the Milton Argos Platform 2.0 include

Live Threat Hunting : Unleash the full potential from your existing security telemetry
Security Monitoring  : Boost eyes on glass coverage
Incident Response   : Decrease time to remediation.
Threat Anticipation   : Our enriched Intelligence feeds help us anticipate potential threats that are unique to your business

2020 has been a tumultuous year, both economically and from a threat actor activity perspective. Throughout this year, Milton has maintained its track record as a primary partner for high profile organizations and government entities to keep their assets secure. Milton Security was recently awarded a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract to protect a government agency, winning over dozens of other firms.


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