Blockchain TechnologyMercuryo’s Intuitive On-Ramp Payments Solution Launched on zkSync

Global payments infrastructure provider Mercuryo has integrated with zkSync, a leading Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, providing an intuitive on-ramp service that enables users of the protocol to seamlessly convert fiat currency into digital tokens.

The integration will enable applications on the zkSync protocol to offer fiat-to-crypto purchases directly in the application. Applications that utilise Mercuryo as a payments provider will become more cost-effective as Mercuryo eliminates the need for applications to bridge assets from the underlying Ethereum network and benefit from the low gas fees, fast transaction speeds and the security procedures that the zkSync protocol provides.

Mercuryo’s on-ramp solution will simplify access to the leading Layer 2 scaling solution, thereby minimising the need for most user transactions to interact directly with the Ethereum mainnet.

“We are delighted to play a part in the transformative technology that zkSync embodies and make it available to a greater number of users as a result of the simplicity and intuitive nature of our on-ramp services,” said Arthur Firstov, Chief Business Officer at Mercuryo. “As a key infrastructure provider, we are providing users easy access to a flourishing ecosystem that has so much to offer.”

“Frictionless transfer and conversion of money and cryptocurrencies is a critical piece of the puzzle for mainstream adoption and increased usage of blockchain technology. We’re excited to see a leading on-and-off-ramp solution such as Mercuryo integrate with zkSync and be available to continue to provide an unmatched user experience on zkSync,” said Omar Azhar, Head of Business Development at Matter Labs.


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