AnalyticsMedical Home Network, Labcorp Collaboration Harnesses Data Analytics to Provide More Comprehensive Patient Health Picture

Medical Home Network (MHN) today announced a collaboration with Labcorp, a leading global life sciences company, to securely integrate lab results into patient records. The agreement will help MHN members within the Accountable Care Organization (MHN ACO) achieve better care and health at a lower cost for the more than 160,000 Medicaid safety net patients served by the MHN ACO.

The arrangement gives primary care physicians a more complete picture of their patients’ conditions and health disparities over an extended period, as real-time lab results–including COVID-19 tests–will be added to electronic medical records (EMR). Additionally, the MHNConnect data engine will verify that lab analysis of a specimen is complete and alert the care team to abnormal results.

“We know that lab test results influence the majority of clinical decisions,” said Dr. Jay Bhatt, MHN’s chief clinical product officer and medical director. “With Labcorp’s assistance, MHN can help ensure providers order tests that are appropriate for each individual patient, delivering better information and improving care and efficiency. That insight helps the care team redesign their workflows or care models and become stewards of their laboratory data and test ordering.”

The secure EMR updates on attributed patients will further enhance MHN’s ability to deliver integrated care by filling gaps in patient records and triggering timely preventive action for chronic conditions. For instance, high blood sugar levels might lead the care team to review treatments and therapies to head off diabetes, heart disease or a stroke.

“This is a game-changer for our federally qualified health center (FQHC) members, the health systems and hospitals we work with, and the patients and families they serve,” Bhatt said.

FQHCs provide comprehensive care to underserved areas and populations, including many patients with chronic conditions.

Lab results bring immediate intelligence to an overall patient health picture, which the MHNConnect platform draws from claims and electronic health records. The platform traces prescription pickups, hospital visits and other interactions outside the doctor’s office, flagging new developments for timely follow-ups. Care managers can use the enhanced data to more effectively focus on patients who are not appropriately managing chronic diseases and conditions. Member organizations of MHN have signed confidentiality and privacy agreements to allow MHN to have access to this information.

MHNConnect also includes information about environmental, housing and other social determinants of health. This information can guide doctor’s office conversations ranging from allergies and diet to mental health and family support.

“Labcorp and MHN share a common vision to improve care and build healthier communities,” said Chris Garcia, M.D., medical director of clinical informatics at Labcorp. “Our collaboration with MHN will help healthcare providers reduce treatment variation, manage costs, avoid duplication and improve outcomes—all essential goals for the health and wellness of the communities we serve.”


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