SecurityLone Wolf Technologies New Marketplace Partner – Sellers Shield

Sellers Shield, an online disclosure platform protecting home sellers, agents, and brokers from lawsuits, announced today a new partnership with Lone Wolf Technologies. This partnership enables Lone Wolf users to access Sellers Shield’s online disclosure forms within Transactions (zipForm Edition) and provide their clients with a safer and easier option when filling out their state’s specific disclosure forms.

This new integration will allow Lone Wolf Marketplace users to access Sellers Shield’s Smart Seller Tools™ through Lone Wolf’s platform in order to streamline the disclosure process. Agents will be able to provide their home sellers with help from the Smarty Family; Sellers Shield’s digital assistants. They provide helpful insights, legal definitions, and videos for a safer and easier sellers disclosure process.

“Lone Wolf Marketplace is the key to unlocking free access to dozens of essential tools and resources agents need to grow and manage their business online, and in one central location. We are proud to offer agents a seamless solution for managing the sellers disclosure process while helping to protect their sellers from lawsuits after the sale. Our integration with Lone Wolf Marketplace is another link in their strong chain of real estate solution providers.”   – Jeff Daily, CEO Sellers Shield

Lone Wolf Marketplace offers a variety of tools to better your real estate experience. Lone Wolf has partnered with many other companies to create a platform that organizes your agent toolbox, allowing agents to utilize a variety of programs, including Seller’s Shield’s easy-to-use online disclosure forms.

“We are thrilled to have another efficiency tool in our Marketplace, through our partnership with Sellers Shield. This partnership holds true to our goal of creating a completely digitized workflow for our customers, and their clients, by leveraging technology to remove the friction that exists in the transaction process today. With one click access within Transactions (zipForm Edition), customers can use Sellers Shield’s free disclosure wizard to greatly simplify this process for their clients.”   – Jason Cheverton, VP Strategic Channels Lone Wolf Technologies

Lone Wolf users will also have the opportunity to provide their sellers Sellers Shield’s Home Sale Legal Protection™, providing them with up to $20,000 paid legal protection in the event of a dispute after closing. This partnership will make real estate even faster, safer, and easier for all.


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