BiotechnologyLeading-Edge Technologies, Data and Insights: Bio-IT World Conference & Expo Highlights the Drivers of Precision Medicine Innovation

Life science innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It results from leaders with complementary expertise partnering across organizations and countries to build on data, research, and case studies—all facilitated by leading-edge technologies.

From April 15-17, more than 3,000 pharmaceutical, biotechnology and IT leaders will gather for the 23rd annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston to put this model into action. They will discuss the new AI and machine learning, digital twins, multiomics, quantum computing, high-performance computing, bioinformatics, and data science applications that are empowering the Bio-IT community to break new medical ground.

“Precision medicine is at a tipping point as both scientific and computing capabilities explode,” said Cindy Crowninshield, RDN, LDN, Executive Event Director. “There are exciting new opportunities to leverage real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) to understand patient outcomes, treatment effectiveness, and safety profiles. Bio-IT World will showcase successful integration strategies and their impact on decision-making.”

New Case Studies and Technologies
Just a sampling of groundbreaking presentations will include:

  • Revolutionizing Healthcare: Supercomputer-Powered Virtual Humans in Biomedicine, led by ELEM Biotech, Barcelona
  • Radical Candor on Investment and Innovation, featuring AstraZeneca BioVentureHub
  • Unveiling Tomorrow’s Possibilities: Embrace the Power of Digital Twins in Cancer Care and Research, a Plenary Keynote led by MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • A New Era: Leveraging Extended Reality, Thermal Scanners, 2D Barcoded Ear Chips, Voice-Enabled LabFlows, and Automation to Benefit Research within the Biotech Industry with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
  • Digital and Workflow Solutions for Protein Therapeutics with Gilead Sciences
  • How to Sustain Massachusetts as a Bio-Tech Hub and Investment Powerhouse? with Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Accelerating the Molecule Journey: A Case Study in Automating Molecule Management, presented by Roche Pharma

“Presenters will also discuss data privacy, algorithm transparency, bias mitigation and regulatory compliance, all of which are critical for ensuring responsible and ethical deployment of technologies in drug discovery and development,” Crowninshield added.

New Approaches to Engage Rising Talent

This year, the Bio-IT World conference will focus on how to keep the creative pipeline flowing by bringing rising scientists into the fold. For example, Plenary Keynote Speaker David Hewlett, an actor (Stargate AtlantisThe Shape of Water), writer and director, and creator, The Tech Bandits will discuss how he is exciting young scientific minds through his presentation, Lights, Camera, Science: Film and Social Media Influence on Real-world Scientific Progress and Innovation.

Highlighting the Groundbreakers
Bio-IT World will also highlight industry groundbreakers through its:

  • Best of Show and Innovative Practices Awards announcements
  • Poster sessions featuring the ideas and discoveries of life science, medical research and IT innovators, along with enterprising students (as young as high school)

An Abundance of Technology

Pre-conference Deep Dive Symposia and Technical Workshops will enable participants to improve their mastery of newer technologies. In addition, participants will meet leading technology and service providers advancing the latest solutions in the Exhibit Hall.

Exploring Future Opportunities

The event will include concurrent Bio-IT World: Venture, Innovation & Partnering content on April 17 for venture capital and private equity professionals, bank investors and CEOs to discuss biotech innovations attracting investments, the latest funding activities and strategies, and noteworthy exits.


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