Artificial IntelligenceKyndryl Bridge Drives Nearly $2 Billion in Annual Savings for Customers and Delivers Improved Mission-Critical IT Outcomes

Kyndryl (NYSE: KD), the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, today announced that its industry-leading, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, open integration digital business platform, Kyndryl Bridge, has onboarded 1,200 enterprise customers, 20% more than its initial target.

Through Kyndryl Bridge, the Company has also introduced more than 190 new services – surpassing its goal for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2024. Kyndryl Bridge is also providing customers with productivity benefits totaling nearly $2 billion a year as a result of avoiding major incidents and planned maintenance costs.

The increased adoption of Kyndryl Bridge demonstrates the platform’s criticality in the market as customers integrate on-premise and cloud environments and services onto an open platform to gain enhanced observability, orchestration and efficiency into their entire technology environments. Kyndryl is also introducing capabilities that will help customers accelerate their adoption of AI and meet growing regulatory requirements.

“We are delivering a transformational set of capabilities to our customers at a rapid pace – using data, AI and Kyndryl’s expertise – to optimize and simplify the growing complexity of mission-critical IT environments today,” said Antoine Shagoury, Kyndryl Chief Technology Officer. “Kyndryl continues to invest in the expansion of services that deliver business value to customers through Kyndryl Bridge so they can maximize their technology investments to achieve productivity gains and accelerate their digital journeys.”

Delivering Greater Productivity

Kyndryl Bridge delivers 100 million automations and more than 3 million actionable insights per month for customers. This drives the speed, reliability and productivity of IT operations – and their people – so that businesses can further strengthen how they support their customers. Kyndryl expects to help customers achieve incremental savings, cyber resiliency and regulatory compliance over the next year, as the Company continues to invest in new capabilities and as Kyndryl Bridge benefits from its AI foundation.

By using Kyndryl Bridge, customers are experiencing:

  • Fewer IT-related disruptive incidents, with manufacturing firms achieving up to a 95% reduction, logistics companies seeing up to a 93% reduction, financial services firms realizing up to a 92% reduction and public-sector entities benefiting from an up to 86% reduction; and
  • Increased adherence to compliance requirements.

“Many organizations do not have the ability to holistically observe, gain insight and take actions across increasingly complex IT environments, though 70% of enterprises globally say comprehensive observability drives productivity, operational efficiency and innovation,” said Jason Bremner, Research Vice President at IDC. “With AI and open integration, Kyndryl Bridge seeks to solve this challenge by providing transparency into a complete estate to simplify operations, reduce technical debt and enable organizations to drive innovation.”

New Capabilities to Meet Growing Global Demands

New services and capabilities that the Company expects to launch on Kyndryl Bridge over the next few quarters include:

  • AI-readiness – Kyndryl is bringing clarity to organizations’ AI implementation roadmaps by offering a host of services that will help customers build the infrastructure, trusted data foundation and models they need to take advantage of AI. New offerings will include machine learning operations (MLOps) and large language model operations (LLMOps) frameworks, as well as Kyndryl’s Data and AI Console, creating a unified, end-to-end view of customers’ data – and its lineage and lifecycle – for improved insights and AI enablement.
  • Security compliance – Kyndryl Bridge will integrate and visualize data from IT system operations and perform analysis to track the supply chain of customers’ hardware, software and other third-party suppliers and subcontractors to meet local regulatory requirements. Additional capabilities will be available in the coming quarters to help organizations respond to regulatory changes.
  • Sustainable operations – Kyndryl released its Enterprise Sustainability Design and Implementation service and Kyndryl Sustainability Advisor on Kyndryl Bridge to optimize performance and lower emissions across customers’ IT estates. Enabled through Kyndryl Consult, these solutions provide strategic advice, maturity assessments and roadmaps so customers can deliver on their sustainability objectives as required by the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and global regulations.
  • Enterprise modernization – Kyndryl’s next-generation of mainframe managed service delivery capabilities will be built on AI technologies to accelerate Kyndryl Bridge-orchestrated mainframe delivery operations. The new technologies combined with Kyndryl’s mainframe expertise, and the operational insights provided by Kyndryl Bridge, will help enterprises modernize their mainframe workloads, integrate them with cloud, or move them off the platform to a hybrid cloud.


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