Blockchain TechnologyKuCoin Campus Survey Reveals: 88% of Participants Eager to Build Careers in Blockchain

KuCoin, a leading global crypto exchange, has launched a survey report on Blockchain Education and Career as its new KuCoin Campus initiative, aiming to understand global interest in blockchain education and careers. This effort marks the beginning of their educational campaign, focusing on engaging in offline interaction to enhance learning.

The survey has unveiled a high interest in learning and pursuing a career in the blockchain industry, with responses from over 1900 survey participants, reflecting a promising talent pool that industry partnerships and career guidance can harness, and a substantial market for job opportunities and professional development in this field.

In the heart of KuCoin’s survey, an overwhelming 88% of respondents showcase their eagerness to embark on blockchain careers. This enthusiasm is further evidenced by the 75% of participants who declare a “very high” interest in the blockchain sphere, indicating a widespread recognition of its transformative capabilities.

The survey also delves into the experience levels of blockchain enthusiasts, revealing that 65% of respondents have been engaged with the industry for at least a year, including a notable 15% with over three years of experience. This diverse mix of newcomers and veterans highlights the industry’s dynamic nature and the continuous influx of fresh talent.

Engagement preferences further reflect the community’s diverse approach to blockchain, with 49% favoring investment as a means of learning, followed by the use of blockchain services and applications (39%), and formal education and community involvement trailing closely. This indicates a broad spectrum of entry points into the blockchain world, from financial investment to academic pursuit and community participation.

Moreover, the survey sheds light on the core principles that intrigue participants, with 51% fascinated by blockchain’s potential in reshaping finance and its prospects for high profitability. Regarding practical applications, investing and trading (51%) and the pursuit of passive income (49%) stand out as areas of keen interest, alongside the exploration of AI integration, digital assets, and cross-border payment solutions. This indicates a strong interest in leveraging blockchain for financial gain and innovation.

The survey offers crucial insights for a diverse audience, including investors, organizations, and individuals either working in or aspiring to join the blockchain industry. This initiative represents a strategic step towards aligning KuCoin’s educational efforts with the evolving needs and interests within the blockchain realm. Please read the full report here.


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