NetworkingJuniper Research – IoT Roaming: Vodafone Roaming Services Earns Market Leadership Again in 2023

A new study by Juniper Research, the foremost experts in roaming, has found that there will be over 600 million roaming IoT connections by 2028; rising from 145 million in 2023. This will necessitate the implementation of new roaming standards to detect, and monetise IoT roaming. To capitalise on this substantial growth in connections, the report identified BCE (Billing & Charging Evolution) as a critical technology that will enable operators to identify new roaming connections. In turn, this will allow operators to fully maximise inbound roaming revenue.

The research suite included the latest edition of Juniper Research’s Competitor Leaderboard covering the IoT roaming market. It analysed the comprehensiveness of offerings across 18 key IoT roaming vendors, as well as the innovation and future prospects of vendors. The top 5 vendors are ranked as followed:

  1. Vodafone Roaming Services
  2. Telefónica
  3. Tata Communications
  4. TNS
  5. BICS

The new report: Global IoT Roaming Market 2023-2028, part of Juniper Research’s Roaming Market Intelligence Centre, offers the most reliable source of data for the market. Download a free sample.

Vodafone Roaming Services Retains Leading Position in the Market

Vodafone Roaming Services’ continued expansion of its global IoT roaming network results in the company retaining its market-leading position. Its comprehensive portfolio of IoT management solutions and significant coverage places Vodafone Roaming Services as the leading IoT vendor to enable operators to maximise future inbound roaming revenue.

Telefónica – The Big Mover in 2023

Additionally, Telefónica has risen six places in our ranking. Crucial in driving Telefónica’s progress in the IoT roaming market over the last year has been its innovation with solutions that simplify the roaming monetisation process. For example, the company has continued to innovate with BCE, and services that assist operators in managing different roaming regulations.

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