NetworkingION integrates its fixed income solutions with XTP Execution, expanding the connectivity to futures markets

ION, a global leader in mission-critical trading and workflow automation software, high-value analytics, and strategic consulting, announces the successful integration of its fixed income solutions with XTP Execution, extending client access to a range of futures markets for trading and market data.

In today’s highly competitive and volatile market, banks and brokers are increasingly turning to consolidated trading platforms to optimize front-office efficiency and access liquidity across a larger number of venues.

ION’s XTP Execution (XTPE) is an automated front-office trade workflow solution developed for cleared derivatives trading. It provides users with integrated order management capabilities, advanced order execution, direct connectivity to all major global exchanges, and indirect access to local exchanges through a broad network of execution brokers.

Integrating XTPE with ION Desktop and ION Bus will give ION’s fixed income clients access to an extended range of futures markets, offering centralized, seamless access for users. Dealers will be able to access markets without the need to be an exchange member. For dealers already using XTPE for their FCM activity, it provides an option to consolidate their futures connectivity across FCM and FI business lines.

In addition to reducing their time to market to access extra liquidity, clients will benefit from reduced support and infrastructure costs, making global trading operations more agile and cost-efficient.

The integration of ION’s fixed income solutions and XTPE comes at a time when trading volumes are increasing, and the need for a greater range of connectivity options is on the rise. For ION, this initiative is part of a broader strategy to expand the choice available to clients and bring significant benefits in internal costs.

Tommaso Di Grazia, Head of Fixed Income Product Development, ION Markets, says: “We are in continuous dialogue with our clients to understand their evolving needs, such as the need for a consolidated trading platform that can transform front-office efficiency. In response, we are proud to have integrated our flagship fixed income solutions with XTP Execution. The integration will offer our clients the enhanced connectivity and agility they need to differentiate in a challenging market landscape.”

Francesco Margini, Chief Product Officer for Cleared Derivatives, ION Markets, adds: “XTP Execution has long provided firms in the derivatives industry with centralized access to brokers and exchanges. We are delighted that our fixed income solutions clients will now also be able to enjoy this advantage through this latest integration. At ION Markets, our priorities are to keep innovating and deliver best-in-class solutions to our clients.”


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