NetworkingIntelligent Wave Inc. Provides Finland’s Broadcaster Yle with IP Flow-monitoring Solution “EoM”

Intelligent Wave Inc. (“IWI” hereinafter), based in Tokyo, announced on June 23 that it has provided Yleisradio Oy (“Yle” hereinafter), a national public service media, with “EoM,” an IP flow-monitoring solution.

EoM Implementation Backstory

Yle has implemented EoM in a plan to monitor and analyze IP flows in an upcoming renewed MCR Control Room. Below are the points highly evaluated during the POC.

EoM Evaluation Points

  • Compatible with 100GbE, and supports a variety of protocols
  • Expectation on higher availability without additional cost with 24/7 monitoring
  • Detailed troubleshooting made possible with past data analysis
  • Integration with third-party network management system
  • Software-based solution utilizing OSS allowing flexible configuration


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