Artificial IntelligenceIntegrit Unveils ‘Stella’: Pioneering AI Hardware Generating Dynamic Interactions with LLMs

AI Robotics platform specialist Integrit announced on the 1st that it is commercializing a groundbreaking generative AI hardware device called ‘Stella’. Stella automatically generates expressive behaviors for robots by applying large language models (LLMs) and generative AI technology in various customer service and business settings, enabling customized conversational search and interactions in multiple languages.

The innovative AI hardware ‘Stella’ integrates OpenAI’s ‘GPT-4’ and Meta’s ‘LLaMa’ among other LLMs, along with on-device AI vision technology. It provides optimal responses to customer queries and requests in high-noise environments and interacts with customers using various movements, enhancing the quality of responses.

Stella’s unique generative movement technology, combined with embedded hyper vision and multimodal capabilities, allows it to recognize environments and customers, interact with them, and generate appropriate expressions and movements without the need for separate training.

Stella is a dedicated hardware device for AI conversation search using LLMs. It serves as a ‘business account’ and ‘information controller,’ enabling customers to interact with AI via voice search in department stores, hotel check-in counters, unmanned stores, or bank desks. It connects to enterprise AI systems to provide customers with in-depth expert information.

Stella is equipped with Qualcomm Technologies’ AP and is powered by the on-device AI robotics platform ‘AirPath®’ consisting of 5G, multi-camera, stereo depth camera, and AI vision solutions with an 11-inch OLED screen. It integrates a control platform that enhances generative inference capabilities in a single hardware and software environment, enabling it to generate language models and motions without the need for training.

Integrit CEO Brian CS stated, “The emergence of generative AI platforms has brought changes to the AI market, increasing productivity and efficiency in personal services and business environments. However, there has been a lack of devices or methods to connect AI in public places, service spaces, and living environments where companies interact with customers.” He added, “Stella is expected to be an alternative, providing consumers with a high level of business intelligence experience without the high cost of AI environments or digital technology.”

Integrit has conducted trials of its generative AI hardware device ‘Stella’ at a department store in Korea and plans to officially unveil it to the global market at MWC 2024 in Barcelona, aiming for commercialization. Stella is scheduled to expand partnerships by adding various global GPTs and open LLMs and AI search engines in the future.


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