SecurityInfiniteTactics, together with Sealing Technologies partner to introduce the Mobile Tactical Edge High-Performance Computing Solution for Defense and Law Enforcement

InfiniteTactics and Sealing Technologies, a Parsons Company (NYSE: PSN) (SealingTech), both veteran-founded businesses renowned for their innovative cybersecurity approaches to high-performance computing, have partnered together and proudly announce the launch of the Mobile Tactical Edge HPC. The combined solution consisting of SealingTech’s GN 7000 analytics node enhanced with integrated Analytics Gateway software from InfiniteTactics is the pinnacle of HPC technology for mobile AI, ML, Modeling Simulation and Analytics processing for national security and industry.

The collaboration between InfiniteTactics and SealingTech offers unmatched value to the cybersecurity industry. This partnership brings together the expertise of two businesses founded by veterans, resulting in a mobile cutting-edge platform that equips analytics teams with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

InfiniteTactics CEO Jack Harris, PhD, had this to say, “This is the perfect pairing, users familiar with the DoD HPC interface will feel right at home with Analytics Gateway and be able to easily utilize the tools, applications, security, and simulation software that demand HPC to process big data. Our collaboration and partnership with Sealing Tech’s GN 7000 empower our warfighters and law enforcement on the cutting edge anywhere and anytime.”

“By integrating with InfiniteTactics and their Analytics Gateway software, we’re empowering our customers to outmatch adversaries, process vast data volumes, and train AI/ML models at the edge,” said Tim Dunne, CEO of SealingTech. “Our goal is to provide integrated solutions that combine our hardware with partner software capabilities, meeting market needs. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to equipping our warfighters with advanced technology and automation to safeguard our nation.”

Next-Generation AI and ML Capabilities on the Move

The Mobile Tactical Edge HPC is a local computation and collaboration ecosystem for a high-end analytics team in contested, loosely connected, or disjoint environments. The Analytics Gateway provides browser-based access to the latest enterprise-level artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) software executed on the rugged, easily transportable form factor of the GN 7000. Additionally, integrated team-based collaboration tools facilitate secure sharing and interaction with data products hosted on the local system as well as mechanisms for providing on-demand data reach back and backups in the cloud while on the move. Finally, using the novel Personal Secure Enclave™ technology, the system enables rapid extensibility of the platform with new AI and ML software while maintaining the security controls at the highest levels.

Ultra-Portable, Ultra-Powerful

Equipped with the latest NVIDIA AI GPU, the A100, an NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU, and a 64-core AMD processor, the SealingTech GN 7000 offers unmatched computational power. With multiple 100Gbps network ports and up to 128TB of storage, this device redefines operational capabilities for the DoD, military services, and law enforcement agencies. The server’s compact form factor is specifically designed to fit into a carry-on compliant transit case, ensuring that critical technology can be deployed anywhere with ease, with a total travel weight under 50 pounds.

Key Features for Uncompromised Performance

  • An aluminum chassis provides maximum rigidity and strength, ensuring durability while maintaining half the weight of a comparable steel chassis.
  • The carry-on compliant design guarantees that operators maintain positive control of the unit during travel.
  • A 1200W redundant power supply coupled with a high airflow system allows the A100 GPU to operate at full capacity.

Empowering the Frontlines with Unprecedented Computing Power and Connectivity

The Mobile Tactical Edge with Analytics Gateway is a high-performance computing system that revolutionizes frontline operations and enables real-time threat assessment. It serves as a mobile command center for swift responses in high-security missions. Its integration with Robotics & Automation R&D spans across industries such as healthcare, aerospace, and weapons systems. Enhanced by premium connectivity options like SpaceX StarlinkTM and advanced cellular capabilities, this system guarantees seamless real-time data sharing and global collaboration, establishing a new standard in efficiency and security.


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