Advertising & PromotionIMDb Helps Audiences in India Discover and Decide What to Watch by Providing Fan Ratings and Other Entertainment Data for PatchWall 4 for Mi Smart TVs

IMDb (, the world’s most popular and authoritative source for information on movies, TV shows and celebrities, today announced a new collaboration with Mi India, India’s #1 smart TV brand, that will integrate IMDb fan ratings and other entertainment data on more than 30 streaming services available on PatchWall 4. PatchWall is a TV user interface for content discovery and streaming and is available exclusively on Mi and Redmi smart TVs.

Mi India’s licensing of information from the IMDb database of hundreds of millions of searchable items will accelerate the role IMDb plays in helping audiences in India discover and decide what to watch. Fans all over the world rate movies and shows on IMDb’s 1-to-10 scale, and there are over one billion user ratings available. Collections of top IMDb fan-rated titles themed around genres, actors, filmmakers and more will be featured on the PatchWall homepage. With just one click from the movie or show page on PatchWall, users can access information from the IMDb database, including episode listings, images, detailed descriptions, year of release, genre and more.

“IMDb is committed to making it easy and fun for entertainment fans around the world to discover and decide what to watch,” said Col Needham, Founder and CEO of IMDb. “Our new collaboration with Mi India extends our reach to customers of India’s #1 smart TV brand, providing them with IMDb fan ratings and other authoritative data to help them make viewing decisions. IMDb and Mi India share a commitment to bringing a personalized cinematic experience into homes, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration.”

“Mi TVs have revolutionized the smart TV landscape globally,” said Mr. Eshwar Nilakantan, Category Lead – Mi TVs, Mi India. “Having sold millions of TVs in India, we are committed to ensuring customers have the power to choose what they wish to watch through PatchWall. PatchWall is the most comprehensive TV user interface for content discovery and streaming. Over the years we have focused on building new features and adding more content partners to enhance the TV viewing experience and make it more intuitive for millions of our users. Offering more customization, we are excited to announce that Xiaomi is collaborating with IMDb to further help audiences decide what to watch. We are excited to add information from the IMDb database of information on films, shows and streaming content to help our Mi TV & Redmi TV users in the journey of content discovery.”

“With so much content to choose from and so many places to view it, entertainment fans spend a lot of time navigating the vast streaming universe, trying to decide what to watch across multiple service providers,” said Yaminie Patodia, Head of India, IMDb. “Collaborating with Mi India will leverage trusted data from IMDb, including customer ratings from our passionate community, to help fans make faster and more satisfying watch decisions.”

“Our information on Indian titles, performers and creators has grown dramatically in the past few years, and major businesses across the globe increasingly rely on this and other IMDb data to power their services,” said Brian Carver, Head of Data Licensing for IMDb. “As the premier source of global entertainment content, we are pleased that Mi India chose to license and integrate information from the IMDb database to enhance the viewing experience for their customers.”

Mi India’s licensing of IMDb information is fulfilled through AWS Data Exchange, a service that makes it easy for millions of Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to securely find, subscribe to and use third-party data in the cloud. Essential metadata for every movie, TV and OTT series and video game title is available for licensing through IMDb via AWS Data Exchange. Major businesses worldwide rely on the vast and authoritative IMDb database to improve their own customers’ experience, power investment decisions, shape sentiment analysis, inform content acquisition strategies and much more. Learn more at


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