Artificial IntelligenceIBM and The All England Lawn Tennis Club Launch New Generative AI Feature for Personalised Player Stories at Wimbledon

IBM (NYSE: IBM) and The All England Lawn Tennis Club today announced a new feature for the Wimbledon digital experience that will leverage match data with generative AI from IBM’s AI and data platformwatsonx, to keep fans updated on the world’s leading players as they advance through The Championships.

The new ‘Catch Me Up’ feature displays pre and post-match player cards with AI-generated player stories and analysis via and the Wimbledon 2024 App. Player cards will be personalised based on user preferences and data such as their location and myWimbledon profile, starting with their favourite players. Pre-match content will include analysis of recent performance and likelihood to win predictions, and post-match it will include key statistics and highlights. The feature will also create longer-form daily summaries of play.

‘Catch Me Up’ was built using IBM’s Granite large language model (LLM) to provide AI-generated text using the capabilities of the watsonx platform. The model has been trained on the Wimbledon editorial style and will be monitored by the All England Club. The new feature is designed to help Wimbledon scale its content to both new and existing tennis fans globally, as well as provide fans access to timelier, curated coverage across ladies’ and gentlemen’s singles matches which are often happening simultaneously.

This year, Wimbledon will also use generative AI to provide coverage of a broader range of matches than was previously available, including wheelchair events, to offer more to Wimbledon’s diverse international audience. This will form part of a redesigned digital match centre, known as IBM Slamtracker, available on the Wimbledon App and Using generative AI built from watsonx, IBM Slamtracker has been enhanced to  provide bullet point-based match previews and post-match reviews for ladies’ and gentlemen’s singles matches.

Majority of tennis fans surveyed positive about AI

The announcement comes as new research from IBM and Morning Consult* reveals that 55% of global tennis fans surveyed think AI will have a positive impact on sports. When considering how generative AI could improve their experience, these respondents prioritised real-time updates (36%), personalised content (31%), and unique insights (30%).

Approximately one-third (31%) of global tennis fans surveyed use multiple devices while watching sporting events, primarily to get more information, watch multiple matches at the same time, and interact with other fans. In addition, nearly half (47%) of them engage with additional content on tennis daily or weekly and rank summarisation and personalisation as the two most important features of sports content.

Chris Clements, Digital Products Lead at the All England Clubsaid: “We are committed to offering fans the highest quality Wimbledon experience, whether it’s in person or digitally. Generative AI allows us to scale our ability to provide different types of content for fans wherever they are in the world in a way that’s personalised for them. This year’s new Catch Me Up feature will make it easier for fans to follow the key storylines as they emerge throughout The Championships.”

Jonathan Adashek, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for IBM, said: “The new Catch Me Up feature is an exciting example of how we can use the power of generative AI to deliver compelling, insight-driven storytelling at scale. For 35 years, IBM and Wimbledon have been co-creating solutions that make fans feel more connected to all the on-court action, and our new research confirms they are beginning to understand the positive impact technologies such as generative AI can have on their digital experiences. IBM is also putting these same technologies from our AI and data platform watsonx into the hands of clients worldwide, across nearly every sector, to address their unique business needs.”

Additional highlights from the IBM and Morning Consult survey include:

Majority of global tennis fans surveyed think technology will have a positive impact on multiple aspects of the sport – for fans, coaches and players alike

  • 60% of tennis fans surveyed think technology will have a positive impact on the advancement of fan engagement.
  • More specifically, 75% of tennis fan respondents think technology will have a positive impact on the advancement of training; game strategy (74%); coaching (71%); and talent identification & acquisitions (66%).

Nearly a third of global tennis fans surveyed use more than one device to watch multiple matches at once, get more information and interact with other fans

  • 24% of tennis fans surveyed use two devices; 5% report using three devices and 2% report using more than three devices at the same time.
  • 45% of the surveyed tennis fans who use multiple devices do so to get more information while watching tennis; 32% do it to watch multiple matches simultaneously; and 30% do so to interact with other fans while watching a match.

More than one-fifth of UK sports fans surveyed use at least two devices simultaneously to consume sport

  • 20% of UK sports fans surveyed use two devices at the same time when watching sports, close to the global average of 22%.
  • Sports fans surveyed aged between 18-29 in Canada are much more likely to use three or more devices at once when watching sports (21%), compared with 7% in the UK and a global average of 10%.
  • In the UK, respondents identified multi-tasking (50%) and finding more information (41%) as the top reasons for multi-device sport consumption. 26% also said they use multiple devices to interact with other fans.

The Championships, Wimbledon will run from 1-14 July, 2024. To see the technology in action, visit or download the Wimbledon App on your mobile device, available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Notes to Editors

*Survey Methodology
This survey was conducted in May 2024 among a total sample of 18,082 sports fans 18+ in the US, Canada, the UK, FranceGermanyItalySpainIndia, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

The interviews for each country were conducted online, and the data is unweighted, with ~2,000 responses per market in the US, Canada, the UK, FranceGermanyItalySpain, and India and ~1,000 responses per market in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

To qualify for this survey respondents must be at least an average sports fan and follow one or more of the following sports: Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby, Golf, American football, F1 racing, Track and field, Swimming, and the Olympics.


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