Artificial IntelligenceHAI ROBOTICS Enters Australia Market, Boosts Largest Online Book Retailer Booktopia’s Efficiency by 800%

 HAI ROBOTICS, a Shenzhen-based warehouse robotics startup, which launched the world’s first carton picking and double deep autonomous case-handling system, is announcing its first deployment in Australia. Through integration and implementation done by BPS Global, the HAIPICK robots were deployed at Booktopia’s 14,000 sqm distribution center in Lidcombe, NSW.

According to Booktopia, although the company’s key decider for implementing this technology was efficiency gains, they are now finding improvements across their entire operation.

A HAIPICK solution differs from a standard autonomous mobile robot solution in that the robots utilize a telescopic fork that stretches 4m high. This gives the robots the ability to carry cartons as well as individual totes and to bring multiple cases to pickers or conveyors in one movement. This enables Booktopia to facilitate the completion of multiple customer orders at one pick station – greatly improving fulfilment and dispatch rates for the leading retailer.

“By deploying this innovative robot solution, we have doubled our capacity and significantly improved our picking and put away rates. This gives us the confidence we need to continue to serve our customers,” Tony Nash, CEO at Booktopia said.

“COVID-19 placed immense pressure on e-commerce retailers and we saw volumes reach record heights across the entire retail landscape. We’re thrilled to work with Booktopia on the first ever deployment of this innovative automation solution in Australia. This investment ensures they are well-placed to meet rising demands and continue to service the nation with its favorite books,” Malcolm Druce, Managing Partner at BPS Global said.

While the rising rental cost of warehouses is becoming a major issue for many companies throughout Australia, the HAIPICK solution now makes it faster and easier to increase capacity and storage. “Through our partnership with BPS Global, the end customer gets access to both local advice, implementation, service, and support as well as the latest in robot-based automation technology,” Michael Rolfing, Director of Sales Australia at HAI Robotics said.

HAI Robotics has been expanding rapidly outside China, establishing offices in Tokyo, Japan, and Fremont, United States, while partnering locally to provide full-service and deliver automation faster and easier. HAIPICK ACR series obtained the CE Mark, meeting European standards, proving the quality and safety of its products. With over 200 ongoing projects worldwide in various industries, the company has successfully expanded its business and services across five continents.

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