Advertising & PromotionGlobal Thought Leaders are heading the charge into a transformed world

The world is changing and businesses are behind the change.

Businesses can be a force for social and environmental good. Through TBD Media Group, Global Thought Leaders are sharing great ideas with the wider world. Businesses will be more successful if they connect with people in a more meaningful, more human way and build relationships based on trust and relevance. To do this, businesses must be transparent about who they are and what they stand for.

Global Thought Leaders, a campaign by acclaimed production company TBD Media Group is showcasing the ideas of the world’s most innovative business minds, examines their motivation and looks at the future they are creating.

TBD Media Group, which has a reputation for finding and telling the stories of the world’s most influential businesses, is highlighting the ways in which Global Thought Leaders are driving change through technology and innovation.

Paolo Zanini, Founder and CEO at TBD Media Group says:
“The real power in the world is not in the hands of politicians: it belongs to those who actually get things done and use the levers at their disposal to make a difference. In Global Thought Leaders we have built a campaign around highlighting these individuals. We find out what their vision is, how they will achieve it and what benefits we will see as a result.”

The Global Thought Leaders documentary series will provide valuable insights into how today’s businesses are taking action to shape the future of the planet.


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