Artificial IntelligenceGlobal Personal Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Market Report 2021: Personalized Robot Components will Reach $15.0 Billion by 2026

The “Personal Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Market by AI and Robot Type, Components, Devices and Solutions 2021 – 2026” report has been added to’s offering.

This report evaluates the market for personalized robots, bot software, and systems. The report also assesses the impact of AI and evaluates the market for AI-enhanced robots and robotic systems for the consumer market. It includes analysis and forecasts for personalized AI and robotics from 2021 through 2026.

There is an emerging service robot market that has very different dynamics than traditional industrial robotics. Service robots are very personal and include both physical robots as well as logical (e.g. software) bots that act on behalf of their owners, managers, and/or controllers. Service robots will ultimately evolve beyond purpose-built machines to become more general-purpose tools for supporting human safety and lifestyle needs.

We see substantial overall industry growth across a wide range of robot types that engage in diverse tasks such as home cleaning, personalized healthcare service, home security, autonomous cars, robotic entertainment and toys, carebots services, managing daily schedules, and many more assistive tasks. Furthermore, we see a few key factors such as the ageing population, personalization services trends, and robot mobility will drive growth in this industry segment.

In addition, developments in artificial intelligence and cognitive computing support the inclusion of these technologies with virtually every type of robot including general-purpose bots that act on behalf of their owner. The combination of AI and IoT (AIoT) will further support market development, leading to semi-autonomous markets that interact with humans directly as well as other machines, and assets through interconnected systems.

Select Report Findings:

  • The APAC region will lead the personal AI and robotics market through 2026
  • Solutions involving personal AI in South Korea will reach $985 million by 2026
  • The global market for personalized robot components will reach $15.0 billion by 2026
  • Leading solutions for personalized AI and robotics are safety, information, and entertainment

Report Benefits:

  • Personal AI and Robotics forecasts 2021 to 2026
  • Identify market drivers for personalized AI and robotics
  • Understand the challenges for sustainable market demand
  • Learn about the future of personalized AI and cognitive computing
  • Identify market opportunities for robotics in work, information, and entertainment

Key Topics Covered:

1 Executive Summary

2 Introduction
2.1 Overall AI and Robotics Market
2.2 Personal AI and Robotics Market
2.3 Development of Autonomous Agents and Care Bots
2.4 AI Technology and Deep Learning Hacks
2.5 Contextual Awareness and Intelligent Decision Support Systems
2.6 Aging Population, Mass Digitization, and Human-Robotics Interaction Accelerates Growth
2.7 Evolution of Personal Assistants and Smart Advisory Services
2.8 Price Declines Drive Adoption for Low-Cost Robotics
2.9 Open Software Platforms Accelerate Growth but Raises Ethical Concerns
2.10 Technical Complexity and Lack of Skilled Robot Designer May Hinder Growth

3 Cloud Robotics to Drive Democratization and Expanded Usage
3.1 Enabling Technologies
3.1.1 Fifth Generation Cellular
3.1.2 Teleoperation
3.1.3 Cloud Computing
3.1.4 Edge Computing
3.2 Market Opportunities

4 Personal AI and Robotics Market, Application, and Ecosystem Impact
4.1 Market Segmentation and Application Scenario
4.1.1 Personal Robots and Robotics Components
4.1.2 Digital Personal Assistant Services
4.1.3 AI-Based System and Analytics
4.2 Economic Impact including Job Market
4.3 Investment Trends in Robotics and AI Systems
4.4 Robotics Patents a Key Area to Watch

5 Personal AI and Robotics Market Drivers and Challenges
5.1 Personal AI and Robotics Market Dynamics
5.2 Personal AI and Robotics Market Drivers
5.3 Personal AI and Robotics Market Challenges

6 Personal AI and Robot Market Outlook and Forecasts 2021 – 2026
6.1 Aggregate Global Market Forecast 2021 – 2026
6.1.1 Personal AI and Robotics Market by Segment 2021 – 2026
6.1.2 Personal AI and Robotics Market by Region 2021 – 2026
6.2 Personal Robot Market Forecast 2021 – 2026
6.2.1 Market by Segment Personal Robotics Device Market by Segment Personal Robotics Component Market by Segment
6.3 Digital Personal Assistant Market Forecast 2021 – 2026
6.3.1 Market by Segment
6.3.2 Market by Technology
6.4 Personal AI-Based Solution Market Forecast 2021 – 2026
6.4.1 Market by Segment Personal AI-Based System Market by Segment and Technology Personal AI-Based Analytics and Service Market by Segment
6.5 Personal Robotics Shipments 2021 – 2026
6.5.1 Robotics Shipments by Type 2021 – 2026

7 AI and Robotics Company Analysis
7.1 Assessment of Select Market Leaders
7.2 Honda Motor Co. Ltd.
7.3 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.
7.4 iRobot Corporation
7.5 Sony Corporation
7.6 F&P Robotics AG
7.7 ZMP INC.
7.8 Segway Inc.
7.9 Neato Robotics, Inc.
7.10 Ecovacs Robotics, Inc.
7.11 Hasbro, Inc.
7.12 Parrot SA
7.13 Geckosystems Intl. Corp.
7.14 Hoaloha Robotics
7.15 Lego Education
7.16 Sharp Corporation
7.17 Toyota Motor Corporation
7.18 WowWee Group Limited
7.19 Lely Group
7.20 Intel Corporation
7.21 AsusTek Computer Inc.
7.22, Inc
7.23 RealDoll
7.24 True Companion
7.25 Robotbase
7.26 Dongbu Group
7.27 Softbank Robotics
7.28 Buddy
7.29 Jibo
7.30 NTT DoCoMo
7.31 Rokid
7.32 MJI Robotics
7.33 Cubic
7.34 5 Elements Robotics
7.35 Branto
7.36 Aido
7.37 Vinclu Gatebox
7.38 Future Robot
7.39 Apple Inc.
7.40 Artificial Solutions
7.41 Clara Labs
7.42 Google
7.43 Microsoft Corporation
7.44 Speaktoit Inc.
7.45 Facebook
7.46 SK Telecom Co, Ltd.
7.48 Indigo
7.49 24me
7.50 Wunderlist
7.51 Hound
7.52 Mycroft
7.53 Ubi
7.54 EasilyDo
7.55 Evi
7.56 Operator
7.57 Charlie
7.58 Alfred
7.60 AIVC
7.61 EVA
7.62 NVidia
7.63 Tesla Motors
7.64 Baidu
7.65 SparkCognition

8 Personal AI and Robot Use Cases
8.1 Cleaning Robots
8.2 Entertainment Robots
8.3 Home Security and Surveillance
8.4 Wheel-powered Robot
8.5 PARO, Advanced interactive Robot
8.6 Vortex, a Programmable Robot
8.7 ROBEAR, Nursing Care Robot
8.8 AV1, A Small Telepresence Robot

9 Conclusions and Recommendations
9.1 Recommendations to Robotics Makers
9.2 Recommendations to Investors
9.3 Recommendations for AI Companies
9.4 Recommendations for Equipment Manufacturers
9.5 Future of Personal AI

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