Business BroadcastGHIT Fund Welcomes Remedy & Company Corporation as New Funding Partner

The Global Health Innovative Technology (GHIT) Fund is pleased to announce today to welcome Remedy & Company Corporation (hereinafter “Remedy & Company” and headquartered in Tokyo), which engages in the health-tech platform development business, including medical and clinical development consulting business, to join GHIT as a new associate partner.

“We are delighted to be working with Remedy & Company, a company that empathizes with the GHIT Fund’s vision and mission and is committed to the use of technology to solve global health challenges. We anticipate that Remedy & Company will leverage their experience and expertise in clinical trials around the world, particularly in developing countries, to help accelerate GHIT’s product development.” said Dr. Osamu Kunii, CEO of the GHIT Fund.

Mr. Masakuni Ukita, founder and CEO, Remedy & Company Corporation, said, “As a Japanese multinational corporation, we have developed expertise in global clinical development. By combining this with our healthcare DX solutions, we believe we can contribute to GHIT Fund’s vision for global health. Therefore, we have decided to participate as a funding partner. We hold great passion and expectations for GHIT Fund’s leadership and, in the spirit of ‘All Japan,’ we will stand together with GHIT Fund to combat infectious diseases worldwide.”


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