Artificial IntelligenceGeotab Safety Center supports next-generation solutions leveraging AI and predictive collision insights

In 2021, there were more than half a million commercial vehicle collisions in the United States, with more than 100,000 resulting in injury*. Collision costs can include significant reputational impacts, property damage, productivity loss, injury and legal costs. To protect drivers and avoid repercussions, commercial fleets are implementing proactive measures, driven by quality data to help combat unsafe driving before a collision occurs. Geotab, the global leader in connected transportation solutions, has been working closely with fleets to tackle ongoing safety challenges, and today announced its next-generation of fleet safety tools driven by data intelligence, predictive collision insights and AI.

Geotab Safety Center incorporates an AI-driven tool that provides a center of safety excellence, available within the MyGeotab platform. With Safety Center, fleet and safety managers can easily uncover and manage fleet performance risks, focusing their time on coaching and making operational decisions based on objective data, predictive collision analytics and peer fleet benchmarking. This builds on the safety tools available from Geotab which include its risk event reports, safety scorecard, video telematics, asset tracking, Active Insights, Geotab Data Connector (GDC), SDK and Marketplace risk management solutions.

“We understand the gravity of safety concerns in the transportation industry and are proactively taking steps ahead utilising the power of quality data and AI. With Geotab Safety Center, we’re not just providing visibility into risks, we’re helping companies to predict and prevent them,” said Sabina Martin, Vice President Product Management at Geotab. “Our enhanced and predictive collision insights put data-driven decisions at our customers’ fingertips, helping to transform the way they approach safety, and ultimately fostering safer roads for everyone.”

As part of Connect 2024, Geotab is also unveiling its Enhanced Collision Detection feature as part of its 2024 safety suite of tools. This feature will advance how fleets can detect both major and minor collisions, increasing collision detection precision and accuracy.

“In a data-driven world, immediacy and precision of insights are paramount. Our new centres of excellence, including Geotab Safety Center, represent the next evolution in our commitment to providing actionable intelligence easily and efficiently,” added Martin.

The Safety Center is one of several new centres of excellence that will be launched in MyGeotab throughout 2024 utilising AI and data intelligence to provide faster time-to-insight for customers.


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