Artificial IntelligenceGeek+ provides smart automation to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning specialist OEG

Geek+, the global leader in autonomous mobile robots, has deployed over 150 goods-to-person robots at OEG’s warehouse in northwestern Germany. The solution Geek+ developed for OEG, which uses P800 picking robots and custom-made shelving, was implemented in just three months without any interruption to OEG’s operations.

The OEG warehouse in Hessisch Oldendorf stores over 80 000 different spare parts and accessories for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and supplies wholesalers and manufacturers in Germany, as well as international markets. OEG has a wide array of specialized products that require unique storage solutions. The company has designed shelves that match SKUs of all sizes to the greatest possible extent. The unique nature of these specialized storage units posed no obstactle for Geek+’s flexible autonomous mobile robots, with 15,000m2 of the site now operated by the fleet of Geek+ AMRs.

Geek+’s engineers studied the operations within OEG’s warehouse and devised an implementation program that caused a minimum of disruption to the site’s processes and operations. Despite the introduction of revolutionary automation technology, virtually no changes in material flows was necessary. As a result, the solution was implemented in phases without disruption to OEG’s business, and was fully operational in just three months.

Markus Schellinger, VP of Solutions at Geek+, said: “We were able to take our flagship goods-to-person system and easily adapt it to OEG’s business in record time and with no business interruption. P800 robots are just about the most robust and standardized solution that can be found today, and we are proud to have been selected by OEG to modernize their operations.”

Benjamin Löffeld, Project Manager at OEG, said: “In order to scale our business and manage rising operational costs, we turned to flexible automation with Geek+ instead of traditional methods. We are extremely pleased with how quickly they got the system up and running and how smoothly the AMRs were integrated into our warehouse.”

OEG is now ready to provide their growing client base with world-class speed and quality service. Geek+ is capable of adding even more robots to handle an even greater volume of orders as OEG’s business continues to grow.


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