Internet of Things (IoT)Fluree Named a 2024 Gartner Cool Vendor in Data Management

Fluree, a leading provider of knowledge graph and semantic fabric solutions, today announced it has been included in the list of “Cool Vendors” in the “Cool Vendors in Data Management: GenAI Disrupts Traditional Technologies” report by Gartner, Inc.1

“Our inclusion in Gartner’s Cool Vendor report is a powerful endorsement of our mission to provide customers with Generative AI that is intelligently grounded in trusted sources of knowledge,” said Brian Platz, CEO of Fluree. “Fluree is committed to enabling accurate, trusted, and safe decisions by leveraging data as an integrated knowledge network, capable of delivering highly-contextual information retrieval for even the most complex GenAI applications.”

“The rise of Generative AI is shining a light on a decades-long problem that enterprises have been dealing with – a lack of high quality, readily-available data for consumption by humans, applications, and now Large Language Models (LLMs),” added Eliud Polanco, President of Fluree. “We are now witnessing the implications of ‘garbage in/garbage out’ at a more serious and massive scale. Most enterprise GenAI applications are not yet ready to move out of the Innovation Lab and into production today because of both a high risk of inaccurate ‘hallucinations’ as well as a lack of privileged access control to business critical but highly sensitive data. Instead of adding yet another piece of middleware into the legacy mix, Fluree’s approach is to embed intelligence, trust, and security directly into the data tier. We believe this approach will yield more accurate and secure Gen AI apps being built faster, and at a far lower level of investment required for training and computation.”

Fluree’s suite of products combines knowledge management, data-centric security, and digital trust into a single system for more precise and trusted AI, LLM, and general data management capabilities:

  • Semantic Taxonomy and Ontology Modeling – Fluree ITM allows organizations to build and maintain semantically-interoperable data vocabularies and models.
  • Data Classification and IdentificationFluree Sense automatically identifies, classifies, enriches, and interconnects disparate enterprise data using universal standards.
  • Continuous AI Enrichment: Fluree CAM employs ML and NLP to detect, categorize, and link together new data within existing systems. Using an enterprise ontology, Fluree can auto-tag digital content (PDF, Audio, Video, Sharepoint, etc.) and auto-connect to structured data sources (SAP, Oracle, etc.)
  • Secure and Real-Time Data Deployment: Fluree Core, a semantic knowledge graph database, enables real-time, secure data usage across analytics, AI, and downstream apps with embedded data access policies.


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