Blockchain TechnologyFlash News: OKX to Soon Support Metaplex Core Token Standard on NFT Marketplace

OKX, a leading Web3 technology company, has issued updates for April 12, 2024.

OKX to Soon Support Metaplex Core Token Standard on NFT Marketplace

OKX’s multi-chain, zero-fee NFT Marketplace will soon introduce support for the Metaplex Core token standard. This move marks a significant advancement in OKX’s ongoing efforts to provide the best possible platform for creators, collectors and developers to engage with NFTs.

Metaplex Core is the latest NFT standard introduced by Metaplex, a Solana-powered framework and protocol that developers can leverage to create and mint NFTs, as well as launch their own collections.

Metaplex Core offers several advantages over other standards, including:

  • A single account design, efficiently tracking the owner in line with the needs of an NFT standard;
  • Enforced royalties by default, enhancing the profitability for creators;
  • Unprecedented cost efficiency, offering some of the lowest minting costs compared to other available alternatives and saving renting fees for unnecessary accounts;
  • Low compute operations, allowing more transactions to be included in a single block; and
  • First-class collections, allowing assets to be grouped into unique collections.

Developers interested in building with the Metaplex Core standard are encouraged to reach out to the OKX team, who are happy to help and can provide the resources and guidance necessary to make the most of this new standard.


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