NetworkingExplore the Future of 5G with NEXCOM at MWC Barcelona 2024

NEXCOM, a leading global supplier of network appliances, inviting industry professionals to experience live demo of its FWA over 5G uCPE solution at MWC Barcelona 2024, in Hall 5, Booth 5A61. NEXCOM’s diverse 5G FWA uCPE solutions are helping to expand application of 5G FWA to new uses, from bridging the digital divide to enabling real-time data processing to power smart cities and revolutionize the future of telemedicine. NEXCOM provides a 5G FWA uCPE range tailored for various sectors and use cases.

Today, 5G FWA uCPE applications are boundless, from delivering reliable connectivity in remote areas to ensuring mission-critical communications in industrial settings and powering smart city technology. 5G FWA uCPE is helping provide reliable, low-latency, and high-bandwidth connections, driving innovation on behalf of diverse industry sectors. 5G FWA has already become a major component in achieving nationwide broadband connectivity in the U.S.

5G FWA uCPE solutions can be categorized into four attribute grades serving different field applications: Consumer Grade, Enterprise Grade, Industrial Grade, and Telecom Grade. Each one focuses on different features and functions, serving different usage scenarios to better utilize the advantages of 5G FWA. NEXCOM’s 5G FWA appliances have been classified based on CPU performance as well as wired and wireless connectivity, with detailed explanations provided in the White Paper.

See this 5G FWA uCPE solution in action at MWC Barcelona 2024, in Hall 5, Booth 5A61 (Taiwan Pavilion). Also, make sure to check other displayed cutting-edge innovations reshaping the 5G landscape, including groundbreaking integration of AI in 5G applications, advanced OT security solutions, and 5G Edge servers for delivering high performance, low latency, and scalability, ensuring optimal edge computing.


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