NetworkingErem Media Partners With iZooto To Reduce Dependency on Facebook and Google

Erem Media Group today announced their partnership with iZooto to double down on their audience engagement and retention efforts. iZooto, an audience marketing platform, helps media publishers reduce their dependence on Facebook and Google. Erem Media Group has been using iZooto for their flagship websites – Erem News and Foochia – and has seen their traffic increase by over 20%.

Google search updates and Facebook algorithm tweaks have impacted media businesses heavily and that’s one reason why media businesses in the GCC region have constantly been exploring solutions. With 3rd party cookies phasing out, audience development and its engagement have become business priorities. Erem News uses iZooto for both engagement and monetization to boost their revenue. It already generates 35%+ of their total visitors from iZooto and this continues to grow month on month.

“Editors at Erem News are the first to break stories to their readers. With iZooto, we are able to reach out readers faster than ever before – this gives us a competitive advantage,” added Mohammad Aldaghestani, Head of Audience Engagement at Erem Media.

iZooto is the go-to-platform for editors, revenue, and audience engagement teams. At Erem News, engagement and monetization are important goals for 2021 and we already see this partnership playing its part. “iZooto helps us distribute news faster than email or even social media. iZooto’s contribution is now more than Facebook, Google search and Google news. We are able to get the word out really quickly,” added Becrine Alam, Head of Editorial at Erem Media.

“Our partnership with Erem Media is a great testament of the strength of our platform and the industry trend. We now process over 5B notifications everyday for our 1200+ publisher partners. Our deep understanding of the publisher ecosystem and our ability to support enterprise grade scale is what makes iZooto the preferred partner for media giants like Erem News,” added Siddhartha Saxena, Business Head at iZooto. “We remain committed to the vision of building and nurturing our audience and we see iZooto as a long term partner,” said Tajelddin Abdel Haq Editor in Chief, at Erem Media.

“We are building iZooto as a platform that enables newsrooms to build a deeper and better relationship with their audience. Google and Facebook compete with media businesses. iZooto is changing that. The pandemic has accelerated digital adoption and we are seeing strong traction from the publishers in the GCC region. We will continue to invest heavily in the region over the next few years,” added Neel Kothari, CEO at iZooto.


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