Artificial IntelligenceEON Wins Best Body Shaping Technology Award of 2021

Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc., (“Dominion Aesthetic”), developer of EON – Smarter Body Contouring, announced today that THE Aesthetic Industry Association (AIA) awarded EON the Best Body Shaping Technology Award of 2021.

This is a substantial milestone for Dominion Aesthetic, as the award is presented months after the commercialization launch of the device in the US market. The Best Body Shaping Technology Award recognizes EON’s revolutionary use of autonomous technology in the field of body contouring – including robotic body mapping, touchless laser energy distribution, safe and effective smart sensor technology, and the first of its kind, jet-impingement skin cooling technology.

“To receive the Best Body Shaping Technology Award at this stage is so exhilarating for our team members who have worked diligently to develop a world-class robotic body contouring device. The AIA is one of the most reputable associations in the aesthetic industry, which makes this award something every aesthetic company aspires to achieve,” said Cooper Collins, CEO of Dominion Aesthetic.

“The Aesthetic Industry Association (AIA) is the first, and only, member-driven organization dedicated to the long-term health, sustainability, and development of the $13.3 billion medical aesthetic industry,” said Executive Director, Michael Moretti. “It was established to represent the broad interests and future of the aesthetic industry that serves a consumer population inclusive of virtually all demographic groups.”

“We are so proud of our talented Engineers, Scientific Advisors, and Team for the brilliant work they’ve done to bring the innovation of EON to market,” said Christian Bloomgren, Dominion Aesthetic President, and CCO. “This recognition comes at an exciting time for Dominion as we build momentum in the launch of EON across the United States.”

EON – Smarter Body Contouring is a robotic, touchless, FDA-cleared 1064nm laser, disrupting the non-invasive lipolysis industry. The treatment head, driven by an articulated robotic arm, delivers consistent laser energy while heating adipose tissue up to 51°C. Breakthrough jet-impingement cooling technology and real-time monitoring create a comfortable, dignified patient experience with an industry best temperature differential of 11.5°C. Autonomous technology maps the body’s unique topography for a personalized treatment while accurately delivering an unprecedented degree of fat-reducing energy. An entire abdomen can be treated in 60 mins with unrivaled efficacy, free from time-consuming gels, applicators, or post-treatment massages needed with other body contouring devices.


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